Problem with Naim App version 5.12 and MinimServer -- Help needed

I have just updated the Naim app to the latest version on my iPhone and one of our two iPads. The other iPad is still on 5.11.2 and, when I browse through to a list of composers (or artists), on the right hand side of the top row are “A-Z” for choosing or rejecting the default sort order as well as a couple of symbols for selecting either a list or grid display. On the two devices running 5.12 these options appear to have gone AWOL. The choice of grid or list is perhaps of less importance (though I would like to have that choice) but disabling the default sort order really matters for compatibility with MinimServer, otherwise alphabetised lists are messed up when using it, making it near impossible to use with long lists. I cannot believe these options have just been removed (Naim is not Apple) so could any of you helpful folks on the forum please point me to where they have gone?


Drag the screen down & a white filter line appears, the A-Z & icon size selection boxes are on the right of that.


Thanks so much Mike. What a helpful bunch of people inhabit this forum.


Thanks Mike, I’m positive I used to be able to list my Tidal saved albums on grid list on the Naim app, that doesn’t seem to be an option any more ? I can change from list to grid in Tidal app but not with Naim app.

Hi glasnaim, sorry but I know very little about Tidal & how it links with the Naim app.
The pic I posted is showing the hidden filter line, with A-Z & icon size/block, the screen view is Asset UPnP on the UPnP (NAS) input, the same hidden filter line is on iRadio input. Hopefully a Tidal user can help you.

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Within the Naim app, go to Input Settings, Select Tidal and ensure the Include Tidal Favourites option is checked. Also make sure you are signed into Tidal via the Naim App. (It should prompt you to do this anyhow, if you’re not already, if you select Tidal as an option.)

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