Problem with Naim Focal App on iPhone


I just got a Mu-So Qb and installed the app, connected the Qb & I can play music. But I can’t really access anything on the app. Images of my problem below.
1 - this is what I see when playing music - and nothing else. I don’t know how to get to options like spotify etc

2 - if i click on where it says the track name for a fraction of a second I see this

3 - and then it goes to this - the setup screen to add a new component

4 - If I go to settings this is all I get

This is probably really basic but I’ve been going in circles

Have you closed the app and restarted it?
Or even deleted the app and reinstalled it.

not yet - will try those when I get back home tonight

You should be able to tap where it says Muso Qb or the info about the Qb on your first screenshot and that should take you to the screen in your second screenshot.

I would stop and restart the app. It really shouldn’t be necessary to delete and reinstall the app. But of course that is a last resort thing to try.

Which iPhone are you using and what version of IOS do you have?

iPhone 13 Pro - iOS 17.5.1

Rebooted the phone & closed and re-opened the app - same thing happens, I get the screen showing the music playing, tap on that and it shoots right past the info on the second screen straight to the 3rd one - the set up page. It all happens too fast to be able to to anything - it’s hard enough to get a screenshot as you’ll see here the setup page encroaching…

And shouldn’t there be more in the settings than just that?

Maybe I’ll try deleting & reinstalling.

Your screen shots suggest you are using bluetooth.
Switch off bluetooth on your phone and then in the app, select iRadio, Naim choice, select a stream that suits you and get that playing.
Once working, go to the Muso Qb screen, top right and select the settings - looks like a cog.
From settings you can select / add input. Not at home so can’t post a screen shot to illustrate.
IIRC the app doesn’t control bluetooth, apart from poss volume. That is the function of whichever app you are using as bluetooth source.
An iRadio stream will give you details at the bottom of the app, depending on source, often including track title.

The settings you are opening is the rooms screen settings not the Qb settings…

I wonder whether the setup of the Qb didn’t complete properly. You could do a factory reset of the Qb and then set it up from scratch again. I suggest you do again delete and reinstall the Naim app before starting to setup the Qb as that deletes any data in your phone about that app.

I switched off Bluetooth - same happens, goes straight past the screen with all the options on it and to the setup page.

Basically - bluetooth off, I see the Qb in My Devices, I click on that and see the the screen with radio & pre-sets for a fraction of a second - too little time to be able to click anything - and then to the setup screen.

I guess I’ll delete the app and reinstall. If that doesn’t work then maybe I have to go direct to Naim.

I still think it would be worth setting up your Qb all over again.

To add to this - I have a Mu-So as well in another location to the Qb. The app works perfectly fine with that unit so it’s probably not the app, it’s something to do with it & the Qb

I still, still think it would be worth setting up your Qb all over again. Indeed I recommend it.