Problem with Naim XS 2

Tragedy: nothing is heard from the left channel. I tried to reverse the speakers but the problem remains on the left channel, so it depends on the amplifier (XS 2 plus Hicap DR). The strange thing is that on the right channel you hear the music as if it were mono: for example, in Space Oddity by David Bowie, which has a clear separation between the channels (one voice on the right and one on the left), you can hear everything, but only on the right channel. . Has anyone had similar problems?

Same problem with both sources?

You could confirm the mono effect by pulling out the right hand channel from your rega turntable. Should result in no sound from either channel unless the XS2 is mixing left and right channel together to make mono.

Do you have the same issue with headphones?

No, with headphones it’s ok.

Switch off then disconnect and reconnect the hicap - just to rule out a dodgy snaic connection. I would redo all 4 ends. Both snaics should be tightened using the DIN collars.

Or try without the hicap connected.
Still one channel only?

I’d suspect a broken channel connection inside snaic or interconnect; the loose wire could be contacting the other channel, effectively ‘mono’ing the signal.

Yes, same problem with all sources (phono, cd and dac). I’ll try to disconnect the hicap.

Unluckily yes, I disconnetted the hicap but the problem remains. Re-connected, still the same.
I’m afraid I must bring the xs2 to my dealer.

Back home again! :heart:
The problem was due to a relay that failed. My dealer says this is the third time he sees this problem on an XS2.
Now it works perfecly again.
Quite disappointing, I bought it new five years ago…

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