Problem with ND5 XS2

Colleagues, there is a problem. One channel on ND5 XS2 via DIN connector stopped working this morning.Through RCA everything is fine! What could be the problem?
Or score and listen to it through RCA?

Try swapping out your DIN with another DIN lead to check whether the lead is faulty

Changed the cable, input on the amplifier.

Naim have had problems with the DIN relay failing , i and others have had this problem on nd555. Its the same relay in a number if products…talk to dealer and naim.

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As Gaza above Naim have had a relay problem it did happen on my ND555 but a power down restored the output however sometime later it dropped all of its outputs din,rca digital absolutely no output whatsoever this was traced to a relay that had gone faulty.

I would get your dealer to sort via Naim.

Since the rca output works fine , it is almost definitely one of two problems. It can easily be checked by replacing the din cable . If the cable is at fault , it should now work , if that makes no difference then it is the output from the nd5xs2 (at the din output). Would at that point just use the rca and arrange for a loaner while it is repaired. good luck

If you’ve tried a different i/c and another input on the amp and the issue is still there then, as others have mentioned, it may be a failed relay on the ND5XS2. Talk to your dealer - it’s new enough that it should still be under warranty.

Yes, it’s still under warranty. Are asked send on replacement relays. Sorry I will be without music for two months!

I understand that Naim has changed the relay supplier for further products? And the as the frightening became buy products NAIM.

I think you, I and a few others have been unlucky…when i spoke to Steve Sells about this he said they should be good for over a million switching events. The supplier did not want to take ownership of the problems…so Steve had no other choice but to do a circuit redesign to accommodate other relays and keep the SQ. Other makes of relay in the current circuit do not sound as good.

I understand. So, emotions! Still love NAIM!

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What a black streak has begun! This morning, I discovered that my high frequencies did not work on one of my ProAc d15 speakers!
Probably it’s time to change?
Which is better to consider to my 250DR.
There is a good option with the Ovator 400. Although the room is not big, 4,5*2,7.

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