Problem with "Photos"on my iMac

Hi all,

I’m currently experiencing a problem with “Photos”on my iMac: I sometime modify my pics, say, cleaning them from stains due to dirty sensor or lens or changing from color to b&w,setting a different exposure and so on.I then check what comes out on “Photos” and they are always ok, problem is when I drag the changed pic on the desktop:the photo appears with all the stains or I should say,sometime the stains are all there and sometime I still can see one or two while others are cleaned.I recently moved from High Sierra to Mohave.Could this be the reason?I honestly don’t remember if I had the same problem with the first operating system as I only recently started modifying my pics.Thank you all.

Photos is weird so no comment sorry

What program are you using to edit your images? Are you making sure that you are selecting ‘Save’ before dragging them back to photos?

as I wrote I’m using Photos and, yes,I do save the changings before dragging them on the desktop.

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