Problems playing music from ROON on my Muso One

I notice that a number of people have posted connectivity problems with Name streaming devices recently. Not sure if this is related, but for the first time in years I have had a problem with my Muso One - specifically, steaming music from ROON to my Muso.

The Muso One is connected via Wi-Fi. I have no problems playing Internet radio on my Muso, either directly from a pre-set or via the Naim App on my iPad, so Wi-Fi connectivity does not appear to be the issue.

My ROON front end control devices (Windows 10 PC and iPad) can both ‘see’ the Muso as an available zone on my network, and I can ‘select’ it as normal in Roon. However, when I attempt to play music, whatever track I select simply does not play. I have no problem playing music from ROON on any of my other streaming devices/zones (Linn Klimax DS/1, Sonore microRendu/Mytek Brooklyn+ and Marantz NA 7004/Chromecast Audio).
I have tried rebooting my router, (Cisco) switch, ROON core (ROON Rock on Intel NUC) and of course the Muso itself, but with no success. None of this infrastructure has changed for a number of years, and have had no issues before the problem first appeared a few days ago.

Any users of ROON , the Muso or both of these have any idea how to resolve this?

Mu-so 1s are not a Roon endpoint. Are you using the Sonore to create the endpoint?

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You can only airplay with roon to a gen 1 muso.
I found airplay even to a wired gen 1 qb to be inconsistent so I now use roon via a raspberry pi/audioquest dac into the 3.5mm line in socket.

I’m assuming roon only sees your muso as an airplay endpoint? Or do you connect via another device?


As others have noted, the Muso Gen is not Roon Ready.

It’s therefore most likely that you have been using Roon via Airplay. This has been working well, but now looks to be problematic. This would suggest maybe an Airplay problem with the Muso.

Try Airplay direct from an Apple device to tne Muso (is the Muso seen in the list of available devices)?

If Airplay working, then delete Muso from Roon and then re-establish.

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Thanks for the replies folks. It’s been such a long time since I have had to resolve any problems with ROON and my Muso that it had slipped my mind that I was connecting via Airplay.

Armed with this reminder I planned to attempt to resolve the problem at some point today - but no need! After a couple of days of not working I powered up my ROON core today, and lo and behold the problem appears to have resolved itself. Once again, I am able to stream ROON to my Muso One.

No idea of why it stopped working for a couple of days, nor why it has started working again on its own accord.

Thanks for the replies to my post.