Problems ripping CDs on UnitiServeSSD


My UnitiServeSSD has problems with many CDs. When I insert a CD it will make some clicking noise then calms down and does nothing more. Some other CDs are ripped fine.

The CDs that are not ripped have been tested on my computer and are just fine and readable …

I have earlier replaced the disc drive and it has maybe ripped 100 CDs since …
It has the latest software …

What may be the problem?

Can I manually drop the CD files into the MQ directory with meta-tags corrected and rescan … ?


Hi, if you rip the CDs on a computer, you can manually add them to the Unitiserve, but you must not add them to the MQ folder. Any changes to this folder can break its database if done outside the Naim interface. Put them in the Downloads folder, or any Network Share that has not been designated a Music Store.
Obviously, it would be better if you could continue to use the Unitiserve drive for ripping, but if not, ripping on a computer will be fine. You will also need to then use a metadata editor on your computer, as the Unitiserve can only edit its own CD rips.
If the replacement CD drive has failed after only 100 rips, perhaps you can have it replaced, as it should last longer than that.

Yes, I know about putting audio files in the download folder. Have many there already.

The only reason I am asking about the MQ folder was that I have a music box of 10 CDs and only 3 of them are ripped, then it takes som manual work on metadata to get the rest to match the same syntax of metadata …

Then perhaps it would be easier to delete the 3 CDs from the MQ folder, and rip all 10 of them on a computer.

Yes, that could be a way forward …

But it certainly annoys me that the SSD won’t rip them (and other CDs as well). So, was looking to see if any one had some ideas …

If the drive was replaced by an authorised Naim service facility, I would be asking them if they can fix it. It’s not unreasonable to expect it to rip more than 100 CDs before it fails.

Did it myself, so probably no help there … Had it shipped from Naim directly and did the replacement myself.

Then perhaps you could call Naim service dept and see if anyone can advise you as to whether the drive was correctly installed?
Then again, perhaps it’s easier to just accept that you will need to rip an a computer? You may even prefer it, as other rippers and metadata editors are more versatile than the Unitiserve - although for me, it’s OK.

Yes, will do that …
It is easy to install the drive and I have done such things many times, so hard to believe any wrongdoing there could be the reason …

Just to add one point to this thread:

Unit Serve has a ‘problem’ ripping copy-protected CDs.
Also some of the CDs which fall outside of the red-book tollerance limit (US is quite intollerant) will not be ripped.

Ok, thanks.
Usually, it works fine … I am not sure how to detect if a CD is copy-protected.

You will often see the letters DRM on the CD or its case if it has copy protection. The first thing I try if I have a protected CD is ripping it with iTunes, as this often seems to be able to rip them when the Unitiserve can’t. However, the fact that you say you have problems with ‘many’ CDs, and that they make a clicking noise when inserted, makes me think that the peoblem might lie with the drive.

Hi Michael,

Naim have used three different hardware variants of the Teac slot loader. If you installed a different type, it might be worth doing a “Restore Naim Defaults” command from the BIOS.

I have seen issues in the past, even replacing like for like h/w without doing so.

Worth a try.


Hi Neil,
Great. Thanks, I will check it out and see if it changes anything.


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