Problems updating Uniti Core to 2.5.9144

Hi Folks,

I have a Uniti Core running APP- and when I go into my Naim app on my android phone it lets me know there is an update to 2.5.9144 available.

I go to install the update but after pressing on ‘Start Update’ it returns me, after a few minutes, to the firmware update page where it aks me to Start Update.

Well it was doing that, since the last Start Update tap it’s been showing me the white circle going round and round for over an hour.

What should I do to effect the update? is later than 2.5.9144 so this sounds like a peculiarity of your Android app.

I suggest you go to the Core in the app, select the gear wheel icon and then check for updates. If there is one it will offer it to you and if it doesn’t it’s because there isn’t one.

To get rid of the circle going round, I suggest you stop and restart the app.


Hi David,

Thanks for the quick response. I had actually gone into the gear wheel icon to check for updates.

I’ve stopped the app and re-started it but it keeps going through the Continue -> Start Update -> Updating -> Start Update -> White Circle -> Start Update cycle.

Hmm. I would restart the Core then. Anyway, you can just ignore the update message because it isn’t an update. There will be a proper update soon.



Hi David,

Yes, you are quite correct - there is no update.

Both the android and IOS versions state there is, but I’ll take your advice and leave it and wait fo rthe next ‘proper’ update.

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