Problems when playing DSD files with NDX2

I am new to the forum but have yet been using naim for some time.

There is a problem of displaying the tags info and cover art when streaming a dsf DSD64 file from my uniti core, unlike the wav or flac files which show flawless operation at all.

I did use metadaics to edit the tags and cover art before feeding the dsf files under the download folder to the uniti core as usual for all my music files.

Will there be a solution to this?

I am currently using NDX2 to stream file from uniti core.

@davidhendon should be able to help.

Sorry I don’t know about DSD files, so I can’t help this time.

I thought of you because I understood it’s a problem of how the Uniticore handles the DSD files. How the tags and cover art of DSF 64 files are displayed by the Core.

Yes I get that. But I have no knowledge of how the Core handles DSD files. Sorry!

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