Problems with old CD5 disc player

My 20 year old CD5 ( hardly used) has developed a strange fault on restating after 2 years of being switched off.
It always shows 15 wherever I press the stop button and then won’t play unless I press the back button to somewhere earlier than 13. If I select 1 and select play it shows error. The fault is there whether I use the buttons on the unit or the remote.

I’ve ordered a lens cleaning disc at Naim’s suggestion so I’ll have to see if that makes any difference.
If you have any other suggestions I’d be glad to hear them !!

@NeilS may well have come across such a phenomenon before…?

Can you give me a bit to go on please?
Are you saying that the unit shows 15 tracks regardless of the number of tracks on the disc?
Does it show 15 with no disc loaded?


Not sure why they would have recommended this?

I previously owned a CD5 for over 10 years, luckily never had any issues and ended up trading in against a CDS3, James at Tom Tom was very fair on the deal. I find Naim’s suggestion very strange as I had understood they had previously never endorsed use of Lens cleaner disc’s, I distinctly remember asking Naim direct about this many years ago. I personally feel you have nothing to lose by trying this.

Aye, I thought I’ve read on here that they can be damaging if the lens in the transport isn’t glass. I don’t know if the CD5 has a transport with a glass lens though… and can’t find the post I thought I recalled

This was my understanding that it could damage the optical lens


As I was searching for the post I recall there were lots from you on the topic :slight_smile: I couldn’t find the one I recall though, I was fairly sure it was from a fairly formal/official source, I might try another search!

Still can’t find it, just mentions of plastic lenses fogging over time. I did find the two posts before from more formal sources, about leaving the lens well alone, if they help deciding whether or not to employ a legs cleaning CD. Interested that Naim support now seem to be recommending it in the OP’s case

Sorry for the slow reply !! Responses on this forum don’t show up in my email system. :frowning:
Since posting I’ve taken the CD5 to my local NAIM dealer (Audio T). The laser unit has broken and they can’t source original Phillips parts so I’ve just ordered what appears to be an original Phillips part from a guyin Germany

Let’s hope it’s legit. I’ll let you know !!

An update on my efforts to keep my 2001 CD5 going. Success !! I found a source of proper (ie not Chinese knock off) laser pick ups and have had it successfully fitted by my local NAIM dealer.

Total cost £140 so I’m well pleased.


Great to see someone else still using a CD5! Glad to read you were able to have it repaired for a reasonable price. I’ve had mine since about 2003. It just keeps playing!

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They’re amazing really and the NAIM people think that the sound produced by the CD5 is richer than the successor models.
I did keep an eye on one for sale on eBay, also2003, and it went for £210 with original packaging and remote so they can still be obtained occasionally.
I’m hoping that I’ve got another 20 years on mine :+1::+1:


I should get 1 to pair with my Nait 5 from the same era.

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I’m a fan of the CD5 and loved mine. I felt that adding a Flatcap 2 was really worthwhile. Moving to a CDX was a bit of a shock. Yes, it was much tighter and more resolving but I missed the almost velvety widescreen sound of the CD5/FC2. Only when adding an XPS to the CDX did I begin to appreciate how everything had stepped up a level or two, however it wasn’t until I had a CDS3 that I felt I had no more hankering for the CD5/FC2 of old.

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I had mine connected to a Flatcap 2 for years and then connected a HiCap - which was a fun miss-match, but I enjoyed it. Now it’s bare and connected to my Nait 50.

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