Problems with qobuz via BubbleUPnPServer?

I’m interested in using BubbleUPnP to access a Qobuz stream (either via Uniti or HiFiBerry RaspPi DAC) as a way of getting a better quality stream than Spotify.

I take the Qobuz stream is fed through with no change to the bitrate by the Bubble server?

Yes, the bitrate is kept.

But you can use ffmpeg to transcode flac on the fly to wav. This sounds better at least with the old generation of unitis.

Well, set up with BubbleUPnP paid for and Qobuz streaming through hifiberry DAC and the HiRes tracks (192/24 in particular) sound great.

UI on the Bubble control on my Android phone isn’t great and still getting used to navigation which isn’t as easy as Spotify.

This will probably bring forward my purchase of a Bluesound Node 2i (looks best option for small-ish budget).

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In case anyone else is Googling around for this BubbleUPnP error exit status 102 and coming up with nothing, here’s the solution.

To fix it, after you get the above error, edit /var/lib/dpkg/info/bubbleupnpserver.postinst and
change the line

invoke-rc.d bubbleupnpserver start || exit $?
service bubbleupnpserver start || exit $?

Then restart install to use this modified script, doing:
apt-get install

All credit to the XDA Developers Forum post 12328

I used bubbleupnpserver_0.9-5_all.deb, not 0.9-4 referenced on there. It’s now working.