Problems with the n-Serve App

I’ve been trying over the last few days to re-download onto my IPad the n-Serve app from the apple/ITunes app store that I’m using to control my HDX player.

I’ve been using the app without difficulty for several years now and needed to update/re-set it hence the need for the current download

I try to download it onto my IPad and all I get is a message that says… ‘ITunes Store is unable to process purchases at this time…Please try again later’.

I’ve managed to get/download other apps from the store so I’m confident that my Ipad/app store access is operating OK.

Is anybody else having similar difficulty.

Any guidance or advice would be very welcome

I just downloaded it with no problem. I suggest you stop and restart the App Store app, or restart your iPad if you prefer.



Is your iPad really using the iTunes Store rather than the Music app and App Store? If so that would suggest that you are using a very old iOS version which might not be helping.

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