Product registration on the new naim site only works for Vocal models?

Maybe I missed this, but the people behind the new seems to have forgotten to add Naim product to the i items you hcan registrer after login. Seems a bit strange and may already have been discussed on earlier threads on the new website.
And whoever designed this website should not try to get there work accessibility tested this will fail.


You mean whoever designed this website shouldn’t, full stop!

I see that even now almost two weeks after the invitation to comment, with almost universal condemnation the awful flashing images are still hitting the visitor as soon as they open the home page, though many of the other identified problems appear to have been addressed.

As the website is still being sorted out your best course of action at the moment for registering your new products would be to contact Naim support either by phone or email.

Login from to register Naim products, to register Focsl products.


did you try or just type how you think this should work?

Tried, that’s how it worked for me.