Product registration

I am trying to register my new amp, but get 403 from the website. Has anything changed?

MusicLine was acquired by / has turned into Focal-Naim Germany, quite a while ago. The old domain is usually redirected to the new one, as far as I have seen, but apparently that’s not working everywhere, as you have found. The new URL for registration is:

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Thank you. When you go to the naim website and click on Product registration you are forwarded to the wrong website.

The problem seem to only exist on the de version, so it is a bug.

One of many bugs on the Naim website, sadly. A new one was said to be in the works, but it’s taking a long time

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I expect little red rooster will be making a new website for focal/Naim at some point, given they are in charge of pr these days.

This link should also work

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