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Could a member explain how to edit a profile to update the system as seen by members? I tap the avator I expand then I see everything but can’t edit the system bit
Many thanks

click on your avatar, then select any of the 3 tabs under
Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 12.16.59

Then click on Preferences

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Then select Profile…system details at the bottom.

You have to click on the Avatar and AGAIN on the Avatar. Thought was important to point that.

As others have said, go to your Preferences then click on Profile.

Richard, I have always found editing ‘System’ awkward as it uses one of those antiquated ‘one line’ box methods where it’s difficult to locate the curser in the right location to edit, simply because one can’t see what text comes later…or is it just me?

Anyway, what do you reckon on getting ‘System’ changed to a proper word editing box, just like ‘Profile’ so that one can see all the text being edited for ease of use?

It’s all part of the Discourse platform JOF, so changes are outside of Naim’s direct control.

Thanks to all - managed to stumble in and sort out. Interesting observation is it was easier with a laptop but not so with the ipad - maybe some disconnect in that? Tried the same process for an hour last night with the ipad but couldn’t do it - then after guidance from several members did pretty much the same this morning and wad able to edit - many thanks again. :ok_hand:

Looks great - here’s what it looks like from us: Well done.

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