Programmable remote control

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but…

Anyone know of a universal/programmable IR remote control where you can programme buttons with specific IR (Philips) codes? So not a control where you have to have the original or one where you have to specify the multi-media product and it then sets the control based upon pre-defined values. I want to setup a remote control to use for my telly BUT the volume and AV input buttons control the settings on my dcs Bartok. This way I can use the Bartok/HiFi setup for the telly audio without having to use two different remotes.

A Logitech Harmony should do the job. Very flexible for setting up Macros to send a sequence of commands to different devices.

Looks interesting but the list of remotes doesnt include the Naim one for Olive stuff - presumably you have to teach them the codes

Yes you ‘teach’ it commands if a particular product isn’t already in the database.

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The logitech harmony is great and it’s really simple to teach it commands if you’ve got the the remote that you’d like it to learn from.

If you’re feeling really lazy you can also get it to work through an app on your mobile or amazon alexa.

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I asked Logitech about the Harmony range and they said you couldn’t directly input the IR codes. You could ‘teach’ it if you had the old remote of select the multi-media device and all the buttons would get set assuming the audio device is in the list that is!

I want to use with a dcs Bartok so a) I don’t have the remote (not at £250 quid a pop I don’t!) and b) very obscure so probably not in the standard list of supported devices.

I think the Philips Pronto allowed you to input RC5 codes directly.

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Hi Richard.
A dealer has sent me the codes for the broken but longer available n-Sub remote.

I’m guessing the Philips would do the trick?

Cheers, Rack.

I would guess so Rack. As you would expect, it’s fully compatible with RC5 codes. I have an old one that I haven’t used in years but it’s serial only. However the later ones used USB so should still be useable so long as the programming software can still be run on your computer.

The pronto is the only unit I know of but you’re looking at £160 for a second hand unit.

I heard a rumour that you might be able to use a smart phone - is that rubbish?

Have you looked on the DCS forum - a quick Google shows a few solutions for the Bartok including Harmony.

Yes the dcs posts (historical) said Harmony BUT I asked them direct and they said no you couldn’t programme codes directly. At the moment I’m investigating an IR Blaster adapter for an android tablet. I already use a tablet for streamer control so, perhaps this might be the way. Still investigation i.e. will any of the various ir blaster apps allow direct code entry?

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Just checked and the DCS Rossini DAC and Player are in the Harmony database so not sure if they use the same codes as the Bartok.

Anyway good luck with your search.

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Probably be okay BUT this isn’t 100% the result I want. What I want is the ‘other’ buttons like channel, navigation, etc… to do the telly and then volume/source to do the Bartok. I suppose I could take a gamble with a Harmony remote and see how I get along.

You can re-assign buttons on the remote to different functions when you setup a macro as long as a code (ie volume up etc) is available.

I suppose if you order from Amazon then you can always return it ?

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Okay I’ve thrown forty quid at the issue (Harmony)… let’s see how I get along :slight_smile:

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Apparently, of you contact logitech with the RC5 codes they’ll add them to the database…

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Sorry to hassle you but how do I select the DCS Rossini? The data base via the install software doesn’t list dcs or data conversion systems as a device :frowning:

Sorry… scrap that! Found it. Not sure what I was typing before.

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Update on this topic. Getting along very well with the Harmony. I think I’m 99% of the way there :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions and support :slight_smile:


Good news. The Harmony has been really useful in our house so glad to hear it’s worked well for you.