Hi all,
I saw mention of this new model of RCM on another thread which has closed. So simply I’m just asking if anyone has bought or demoed one and is it any good?
Seems good value for £299


That’s a lot cheaper than I’ve seen - worth a punt at that price

Looks much more compact than the older one which I got a year or so ago - my old VC-S MK II is incredibly noisy.

A smaller size is nice but I suspect you might get spillage of cleaning fluid where the LP overhangs the sides.

@Alley_Cat @mickdale

There are two new updated machines, the VCE and VC2 ALU. They both have similar specs and an aluminium instead of MDF chassis as far as I can tell. The main difference is that the VCE is smaller with a smaller waste tank and a plastic record clamp instead of aluminium.
The VCE is 299 or 399 for the larger VC2 still good value but an extra £100 for not much more it would seem.
Noted that the record overhang on the smaller model could lead to fluid dropping on to the surroundings but careful placement and a cloth underneath should overcome that.

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