PS555DR->NDX2 connection

Hi! I have recently acquired a PS555DR to power my NDX2 (with a vague idea of upgrading it to ND555 at some point in time).

My understanding is that I now need an 11-pin S-XPS Burndy cable for which I have placed an order but it might take several weeks to arrive.

Are there alternatives that I can use? Is this 11-pin the only option or can I use burndies with different PIN numbers? Can I use the set of 2 burndies that come with 555 series (there is one available on eBay now - looks like one cable has 10 and another one has 7 pins)?

Also what is the right PS output to use to power the NDX2? Thank you!

I know it’s a painful wait, but you need the correct burndy and no, you cannot just put in any old other one regardless of the pins. The correct PS output is labeled and described at the back of the 555 next to the outputs. It is output 1, on the left. The friendly manual is helpful as well, I will never wrap my head around the concept of buying 10,000 euro devices and then not bothering to read the manual.

Look forward to the enjoyment you will have when it arrives!

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Thank you, Suedkiez! Will wait for both of them, hopefully would have enough time to read the manual once the PS arrives - still in transit

If it’s any consolation i ordered a brand new SXPS Burndy cable very recently and it took around ten days to arrive. It was well worth the wait and quicker than anticipated in the end.

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Waiting can be hard! :slight_smile: To pass the time:

Yep. That’s exactly where I went right after reading your message. No mentioning of the cable though, but your answer gave me enough comfort

True. I guess Naim relies on dealers for this so that customers don’t blow up their new gear :slight_smile: There is a cable FAQ on the forum, but it only covers snaics and interconnects.

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I’m outside of the UK (Moscow, Russia), so for us the expected delivery time is end of July :frowning:

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Oh i see, hopefully you will receive it earlier than predicted. Business appears to be opening right up here in the UK in recent weeks, thus things appear to be moving again; well at least locally anyway.

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Didn’t a SXPS Burndy cable come with your XPS-Dr? Was it broken?

Don’t have an XPS DR (it typically comes with a cable). I have a PS 555 DR (which comes without a cable)


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