Psst, want a free Hicap?

I received this today. Make of it what you will, but it seems a very good deal for anyone in the market for a 282/250DR.


I wish it had been on offer when I bought mine earlier this year, great offer

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Same here! (NAC 282 anyway - used with an older olive 250/HiCap, but that might have tempted me.).

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Is that email from your dealer or Naim?

I’ve seen a couple of offers posted here that I’ve not had emails about from Naim - perhaps I failed to opt into some marketing a couple of years ago.

It’s from Tom Tom Audio.

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I think it’s only fair to add that this offer is also available from other UK dealers.


Free NAPSC with a 202/200 as well.

Earlier this year, there was the 10% offer, and now free power supplies. I wonder whether Brexit is biting… Certainly, high street isn’t doing well because of Brexit uncertainty.

Quite so. That is why I didn’t include the dealer name in my original post. One does wonder, thought, why Naim marketing don’t see fit to post about it on the Forum, to their most avid followers. It’s not even on the website to the best of my knowledge. Maybe it’s an offer they don’t want too many people to take advantage of.


Not on facebook page today either

It says Hicap 2 not DR, is there a difference?

I’m sure it’s just sloppy copy. The current model is the Hicap DR. Note that the 250 is a 250DR rather than a 250.2DR.

Perhaps a new refresh of the lineups are coming ? A free SuperCap with 252 would be nice though… lol…

I don’t think so. There’s normally some kind of promotion from Naim in the UK around traditionally slower times for dealers, like the Summer. I’d imagine that this is similar. I’m not aware of any imminent revamp to any of these items.

However, I note that this year has so far been the best sales year ever for the company, so maybe this is Naim’s way of saying thank you?

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Dear Leader Richard,

I wager that there are more customers for Naim outside the UK so we would like a free Hicap DR too :grinning:

I would even wager to check if Naim has more ( than anticipated ) customers in an area where there are no dealers rather than where there are dealers and customers in these areas need to be given a Supercap as a thank you …me thinks !

It could be an interesting study for Naim.


I like your idea mpw :smiley: Unfortunately I don’t think they’d stay successful for very long if they did that.

Of course, these things are usually promoted by the distributor, so down to the distributor for a particular country or region, so whoever you are, who knows what promotions may arise in the future…?

U think this study can be done by Naim… ?

It would really reflect on the brand value…

They have just added a Streamer offer until end of November. Buy the ND555 and Core, get the Core at half price. Buy the NDX2 and Core, get the Core at 25% discount. Just came by email from Signals, i am sure other dealers will have the same offer.

Well that’s really good news Richard. Hopefully that will continue and Naim appears to be in rude health. As to the offers, both combinations would make the a very nice long term system. Just add a nice front end and speakers.