PSU for 272?

I have a dCS Network Bridge as a source into a 272 via spdif - so I’m not using the 272 streamer section, just the DAC and preamp.
I’m considering getting a PSU for the 272.
Does anyone know how the 3 main PSU options for the 272 (i.e. XP5-XS, XPS and 555) would work with the unusual way I’m using the 272?
i.e. how does each of these PSUs feed power into the 272, and where does it flow, and how does it improve the sound?
What happens if a PSU feeds power into the 272 streamer section, but it’s not being used?

The 272 draws all of it’s power from the external PSU where used, so you should still see some benefit from using one. How cost effective that will be when using a separate digital source, I guess you’ll just have to listen and find out for yourself.

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Whatever you do, do not buy the aftermarket PSUs out there, they sound terrible. To the point where bare 272 sounds substantially better than powered by one of these s&it boxes. With XPSDR, it sounds better, giving it a 555PS makes it sound entirely different, miles better but it costs as much as a decent motorcycle. So sold mine and currently enjoying my Yamaha.

I think you will like that the Naim PSU does, that you may re-consider using the streaming section of your 272 :slight_smile:

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The external PSUs improve both the digital and analogue sections of the n272. The level of improvement increases as go up the range of the PS.

Having just upgraded from a XPS DR to a 555PS DR, I hear improvements both streaming and well as when I play my LP12 through the n272.

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A PSU would have to work some serious magic to do what the Bridge is doing for my SQ at the moment.
But adding both together is something I would like to try.

It does leave you with a ‘what do I do with the PSU’ if you move on from the 272 though. If you move to a Naim Network player then the DCS is not needed etc… Where do you want to end up Jim ?

Right where am I is sounding sweet at the moment.
The sound I’ve got now is subtle, but really solid and stable.
It’s precise, but super musical and enjoyable.
If someone told me I could never upgrade anything in my system again, I wouldn’t be worried.
So I am right now in HiFi nirvana.

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Good news !

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Which leads to the inevitable question: if that’s the case and especially as you have only just bought the DCS, why are you asking about power supplies for the 272?

Well, these responses have helped me to figure out that I should just stop and enjoy the new system.

There is one thing I don’t really understand - why did you buy a streaming pre-amplifier if you don’t use its key feature (streaming section)?

I bought the 272 about a year ago.
And a delight it was, and is.
It transformed my all-Naim system, which had been unloved for 14 years, into a different beast and woke me up to the possibilities of hifi.
I looked for a year to find another box or piece of software that would give me another SQ lift of that sort - and finally identified the Network Bridge - which did that.
I obviously would not have bought them in the reverse order - that would just be silly.
But I’m very happy with the way they work together now.

Fair play.

Enjoy the music - this is the most important thing.

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