Psycho acoustics

Over the weekend I tried to recall why sounds, when slowed down or speeded up, change. This was in the context of buying a bat meter.
Various explanations exist, talking either in terms of frequency or pitch. Reading about pitch I came across psychoacoustics and wondered if this was a possible explanation for variations in perception of SQ when swapping cables, LPS, and such like? I don’t recall using the phrase when I studied acoustics back in the 80’s. Below is a brief history of the subject, but it does not include any advances since the 1990’s. Below are a few definitions …

If anyone is interested here follows is a paper on perception bias.


It would be interesting to think of a device that can detect and measure tinnitus.


Or fix it. :grin:

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Highly unlikely in overwhelming majority of cases I’m afraid - similarly, reversing age-related hearing loss.

Just maybe not in our lifetime

I was talking to an acquaintance in the pub Friday evening who said he had been suffering from tinnitus in one ear. One MRI later and a benign tumour is discovered, which is being removed next week. However, although the tinnitus will be cured there is a 50% chance of loosing hearing in that ear.

Hopefully successful removed, worryingly there’s a lot of cancer in these threads lately. :cry:

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Sorry - I forgot to say the tumour is expected to be benign.

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