Pub at Naim BBQ 2009

Anyone who attended the Factory Tour & BBQ event in 2009 remember the name of the pub we went to for the BBQ…?? I can’t recall for the life of me….

I remember it being a bit of a drive from the factory into the country…and I remember the little Phantom Limb gig (first time I had heard them and still one of my favourite album plays to this day)…and I remember having a good chat with Paul S at the bar – though I may have been a few to the good and enthusing all things Naim…! :flushed:

But most of all I remember it being one of those pleasant pubs in the country…Would like to drop by again next time I’m back in Blighty and that way….If it’s still there…?


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Tagging @Pauls

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Could have possibly been the Green Dragon? That was a regular haunt for us that was just a few miles down the Southampton road in the village of Alderbury.


Sounds about right……can’t remember!

Of course, @Pauls will know – I didn’t think about tagging the Gaffer, wasn’t sure he still kept a foot in here…

The other person would be Stu (Munch) who of course, if I recall right, sowed the seed for it all and twisted Paul’s arm for the whole bash……only to have one of his infamous fallouts and not attend on the day…! Not sure where he’s at these days…Good guy, on a good day…!


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Or perhaps the Radnor in Nunton, which had a big garden, and was often used for Naim staff gatherings. Yes, I’m sure @Pauls would know for sure.

Got to be there – yes, had a large garden at rear….That was where Phantom Limb set up and the BBQ in one corner…Think Naim Label had a little stand also….

Were you at Naim at the time…? I recall (I think I’m right) you doing PR for the n-Vi, n-System etc a few years before….?

Though I’m sure a lot of the Naim staff avoided the very idea of a mass descending on the factory and hot dogs afterwards…! :rofl:

I had left Naim Just before that Christmas and had just gone back to moderating the forum that spring.

Never did PR but was the Export Sales Manager before that.

I recall the event. Well, I recall AN event and I think it must be the same one :sunglasses: Got a feeling it was in August of that year ? and I’m pretty certain Peter Swain and possibly Polar Bear were there as well.

I’ve just looked on Google Earth and neither The Green Dragon nor the Radnor ring a definite bell.

However, The Green Dragon looks more promising. The location, just off the Salisbury Road, is where my memory indicates. Also, the rear garden looks about the right size/shape/layout.

The Radnor, off the road past the District Hospital, on the way to Fordingbridge does not jiggle any memory of the event. I occasionally visit a past Student of mine who is a consultant there, and I don’t associate that route out of Salisbury with the BBQ.

Not a reliable confirmation, but The Green Dragon seems more likely to me than the Radnor.

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Green Dragon Alderbury best to All.


Thanks Paul – appreciated! That’ll be the pub then….Was a good day.

Hope all is good with you.


Good memory!

Peter Swain was indeed there (From memory I nearly travelled down with him, but think he was going earlier or later or something for something else)….But I remember him introducing me to TonyM, who I used to converse with a fair bit on the forum at the time (actually own his AV2 in a strange twist of fate) but hadn’t met in person….

I definitely remember it being a ‘bit’ of a drive out of Salisbury, as I recall wondering where the hell we were going…!

Strange old and small world sometimes….

Cheers, SC

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I did customer services for the n-Vi - and subsequently left for France, a broken man.


It was taken over by a chain and doesn’t get good reviews often

I think the n-Vi left many a man broken Adam…!

Funnily enough, I have a boxed mint ex-dem n-Vi stored in the loft at my parents place back in the UK, along with some other Naim AV items…I just never got round to ever using it permanently…Although long superseded re codecs and BD etc, I’ve occasionally wondered about breaking it out and setting up in a spare bedroom etc….But for some reason, every time I mull about potentially unboxing it, I think of the scene in Raiders Of The Lost Ark and opening the Covenant…!

Hope France is treating you well. Still get those electrical storms ?


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When I wrote ‘PR’, what I actually meant in my head was ‘Show PR’ etc….I have it in my distant memory a video online of you presenting the n-Vi and n-System at some show…? Of course, trying to find it now, I can’t…
Of course, it may well have been one of the other guys….But really thought it was yourself….

Dug out my well loved polo shirt from the event – many years later now consigned to painting duties…!


Yes, I did that at a number of shows at the time.

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