Public emergency alerts!

Fat lot of good that will do me. We have no mobile signal here :smirk:

There’s a sodding great hill between the house and the nearest mast and umpteen square miles of buqqer all in the other directions.

Still, at 900 feet above sea level being inundated by rising sea levels is the least of my worries.


Already disabled, if received you have to acknowledge the message for your phone to fully function again. Nein danke scary stuff IMO


It does sound like this alert should be an option for each individual to receive. If you opt out and you and your family get injured or hurt that it is on you. Freedom of choice, just no complaining after the fact…


Like flooding and wildfires. Yeah right. But not as emerging as the real reason I guess.


In my experience here in the US, you can sign up for telephone notifications/messages for Tornado, Tsunami, Wild Fire, Mass Shooting in progress, and other warnings through public and private services. As far as I know they are all local or regional warnings and not national. The only national one that I can recall is civil defense from my youth was sirens being sounded if the country was under attach. Then there is the broadcast system which interrupts normal radio/television broadcasts to announce an emergency event occurring.

When we visit florida you get these all the time even ones looking for missing people etc.

To avoid promotion of this topic to the Lounge, I’ll try to move the attention to the Music Room.

This topic reminds me of REM’s song Leave.

…and if you don’t have a smartphone?

I keep getting messages with smartphone (only) links embedded, which keep tell me I need to update this & that.

Oh no! Don’t tell me this is for my “safety and security”. I’ve just gone in to a paranoid meltdown.

Bring back the ‘70’s. Life was simpler before the internet. He said on the internet. :thinking:


Which I always assume are hoaxes!

I have it on in Japan for the earthquake alerts. I’m not daft, but this will be monitored for sure. I don’t want this privacy door opened. Cheers


Mine are mainly from my doctors. I know the source is genuine, as are the links, but why-o-why are you sending this stuff with the assumption everyone has a smartphone?!

My dentist does the same, saying you need to complete this on-line Covid questionnaire before you come…obviously I don’t and the staff aren’t even aware of the text.


It’s not a text message.
It takes over the phone and quote
“ Phone users will have to acknowledge the alert before they can use other features on their devices.”
If you don’t acknowledge the alert your phone doesn’t work.

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No problem.

I’ll stick my sim in an old phone I no longer use. :nerd_face:

So how do I opt out of receiving this sh1t that takes control and then fcuks my phone?

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So far as I can see on IOS: settings>notifications>scroll to bottom of page and toggle severe alerts and extreme alerts.

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Data about you, your device or location will not be collected or shared.

We have a similar alert for bush fires and floods, you can download a state government app that you obviously have to opt in to receive messages. However in a major event the phone provider will send out warnings.

It does puzzle me a little that being warned of potential danger is a considered a freedom of speech issue. You can just ignore them however it’s always someone else’s partner son/daughter or parent that had to put themselves in danger to rescue idiots that do.