Purchase an Atom?

I was thinking of picking up an Atom to run in my office with a couple bookshelf Wilson Duette’s. Anything I’m missing, seems like an amazing product for fairly reasonably priced. Would just use the streamer and my Qobuz account. Want it talk to my Uniti Core that is on the same network?


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Sure why not! Decent speakers those little Wilson’s, assume you have them already and they’re spare?
It’s the same user experience and setup on the Atom as on your ND555 btw.

I’d have to pick up the Duette’s. I have a pair of NBL’s i need to replace the tweeters on then move on from those. Those are probably a bit big for an Atom I would guess.

I ask as the Wilson Duette may perhaps be considered overkill for the capable yet modest Atom. Ideally try before you buy, a home demo ideally. I have an Atom I use exclusively on a TV via HDMI ARC with Focal 300 Series in wall speakers. It’s surprising given its size and power rating what its capable of.
Given your other system and the fact you clearly like the Wilson sound It’s no harm trying it out, I’m sure they’d pair handsomely if you can afford to add those speakers.

Well, I would want to demo that setup first. The Atom is a great little all-in-one. I run mine with wall-mounted Neat Iotas in a small office. The pair dance together nicely, but I think that’s in part because the Iotas, whilst very musical and engaging are not the most transparent speakers I’ve encountered. I would worry that the much more revealing Wilson’s (going by reviews, as I haven’t heard them) could show up the Atom’s shortcomings. It’s a great little box, but it is right at the bottom of Naim’s hierarchy, so auditioning first if possible would be my recommendation.


That seems silly. £23k speakers with an Atom? ProAc Tab10’s in either flavour would make more sense. But if you have money to throw around, throw it around.

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I was just short of making the mullet comment, in case the Duette’s were sat in a cupboard gathering dust and just needed some love.
If of course it’s a case of buying an Atom (or Star/Nova) and some sensible speakers they’ll be friendly with that’s another conversation entirely.
I ran mine with PMC DB1i’s quite happily as a small speaker example.
I’ve heard them sound good with small ELAC and KEF’s as well as other examples.
What is the room they’ll be used in like in terms of size and setup?

Definitely listen to an Atom for yourself with some different types of speakers.

I see you can now get it from dealers bundled with speakers of various types if any of that appeals.

It is an extraordinary machine. A quick demo won’t be enough and I’d test out different recording quality and the radio too.

What HiFi gave it 5 stars. I don’t think that was a hard decision for them. I’ve owned mine 3 years. Still very impressed.

Have you heard them before?

I ask because the worst sounding demo I’ve ever heard had Duettes at the end of it.

Thank you for the feedback. I certainly don’t have money flowing around; the Duette’s are version 1 and around $4,500 U.S. used. I’ve heard them once before in a smaller room like my office; around 12x12 feet. They may be too much for my room for sure. I like the other suggestions as well above. The room itself is a pretty dead sound in a basement which will be nice.

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Keep it simple is likely a good rule here. Also think about your listening position, in my office I use my PMC DB1’s nearfield on Isoacoustics stands for example. If you’ll be listening midfield or with a wider positioning something larger like the ProAc Tablette 10 or KEF LS may suit more favourably.
You could also use compact full range speakers (Neat Iota or a smaller Elac for example) and add a small sub even.

If you think headphone listening may be an important feature don’t overlook the Atom HE, that also has balanced XLR preamp outputs so can be paired with active speakers for another option.

Don’t discount the Muso or QB for an office / second system. I recently moved my Nova / Atom / neat iota / Alpha’s on that I had as second / third systems. The Muso products are really good for causal listening and are simplicity personified.



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