Puritan 156

I think the burning in is going well to my unprofessional ears :joy: I played cuts that I really like for their pace and rhythm. That give me a bit of a buzz, there is no problem with timing, I know the music through and through so the initial loss was clearly a burn in issue. The sound Im hearing is clear rhythmic good separation. The Notes decay nicely on a black background. Non fatigue that’s for sure. I’m going dig in with everything plugged in for a bit longer. Then I’ll go back to using the the equipment without the 156 and see how that makes me feel.
I just brought some Townsend Pods 2’s for £1’300 like new for my Titan 606. I’m Interested to see if they improve the sound of my system even further.
I’ll let you know my experience with those very soon, they should be arriving on Friday. I would be interested to here other peoples opinion on them if they have them or had them?
There is a part of me that wonders about the conflict of interest, like is it in a business favour to acknowledge treatments that they aren’t providing. Or to suggest a direction that leads to money going in a different direction I.e not being spent on another upgrade with the same brand. Call me sceptical but wouldn’t that make perfectly good business sense e to advise against spending it elsewhere. I can’t afford a 500 at the moment but will getting one eventually. Getting one might make my sound more enjoyable than my none DR 300’s it’s a big jump in price and most people seem to be suggesting that the 500 is better, the question is going to be is it value for money with the diminishing returns. I would think that kicks in at that level.
I’ve decided to go with testing the difference in the sound of my speakers with Townsend. So thats 3’000 in total that I’ve spent on the speaker stands and the Puritan 156
Which could have got me a NDX 2 or a NDS after I’ve sold my XPS NDX BT.
I think I will have a listen to both next year no rush when your happy with what your hearing but I think I’m going to be pleasantly surprised when I do get there :joy:
Oooo (Some times it comes so easy) by the rodeo Kings :ok_hand: loved the rhythm and speed on that cut with the whole system plugged into the 156. When I do come to listen my favourite cuts unplugged again I’m hoping there is going to be stark contrast one way or the other :joy: I have a feeling it might even come down to a preference towards one way or the other depending on the quality of the recording that I’m listening to :thinking:


:+1:Have you tried not having the the Power amp connected to the Power conditioner ?

I’ve left mine playing all day and night the last few days and also think I’m hearing an improvement in clarity and timing :+1: