Puritan Groundmaster city

My dealer forced me to borrow a groundmaster city to connect to the Puritan 108. At first I thought the difference was very slight and not what I wanted. It made the sound darker and with less upper midrange and it still does. The question however is what is really happening to the sound? I don’t know but it seems like it cleans it up. Some of the top frequencies seem to become cleaner with less distortion and the bass hits harder and cleaner. Making it feel as if the upper midrange is reduced. Sure it isn’t a massive difference but I think it is doing something good for the music.

I don’t know how I feel about it. It does some things very well and perhaps it’s been burnt in too as it seems to sound better now than from the beginning.

Also there is quite a marked difference if I change cable direction on the ground wire. It sounds best with the “fork” end to the 108 and the banana plugged in to the groundmaster.

Anyone else with experience from this gadget? How did it or does it work out in your system?

I just might keep it (the sneaky b&@“*d)


Nice! I’ve been looking into their ground rod solution too. I have similar results as you described with Entreq products.

I don’t know exactly what if does, but, for example, I understand that ground plane RF modulation in DACs reportedly can have an adverse effect on sound, and one characteristic apparently is a false “brightness” (which, of course, some people might actually prefer even though less accurate). Maybe this device blocks RF through the ground plane, thereby preventing or reducing such effect.

What force was used to make you use it?

My dealer gave it to me and prompted me to try it. That’s enough to make me do it :sweat_smile:

Now it’s ordered

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