Putting the Muso Qb in a corner

I have a typical Dutch house, where I have a narrow living room of about 3,5 meters wide and 8 meters long.

In the past (other house) I had a set of Focal Elektra 906 bookshelves connected to a Naim Nait 5 amp and that sounded amazing.

But as the time past, I pretty much traded in my Hifi audiophile needs for more casual listening like background music, mostly radio and Spotify. Because the Focals where to large for the space I have (physically) I downgraded to the Focal Domes. But the problem was the shape of my room. The were directed to the coach on the shirt side of the room. Pretty good sound, but I spend a lot of of my day at the other side of the room, where the dining table/ work desk is.

Because of all this I am looking at a more room filling speaker and think I will leave my hifi dreams for now. So while I was looking for stereo paired sets like the Bluesound Pulse Flex, I thought well they give the same issues as the Focal Domes, good stereo sound on the couch, but distant sound in the rest of my home.

That’s when I found out about the Muso’s. And while the big one probably gives me the same problems, the Qb might be the solution to have a decent sound in my house (although not a stereo image).

The problem is that I can only place it in the corner of the room. When listening I can twist it a bit to aim at the room. But the side woofers will be very close to the plastered side walls. Also when listening on the couch, the sound will come from that corner of the room.

I know you can change the settings to corner of the room (closer than 40cm) but even with that setting, how will the Qb perform in a location like this?

Because I can’t test this in a store and the salesman will probably say ‘there’s a setting for that’, I thought I ask here.

Sorry for the long background story, and thanks in advance!

There is I think (haven’t used my QB in a while) a setting for corner placement? May be just ‘close to wall’, cant recall offhand.

In some videos I saw that there is an ‘in corner (45cm to the wall)) setting. But I don’t know if that compromises the sound. Incan imagine one ‘side’ of the cube will play louder

First gen Mu-so has > and < 25cm from wall settings whilst 2nd gen has no/near wall/near corner room compensation.

But is this because it is not necessary because the speaker sounds great anyway or is this a missing function?

I found putting my QB on some rubber hifi pucks improved the sound…….it is on a glass shelf.

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2nd gen has room compensation just the same as 1st gen…

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2nd gen adds corner compensation which is absent in first gen, and is not descibed as such in first gen (although that’s probably semantics). (I have both, albeit Qbs.)

I’ve got both as well and I can’t see any difference between the room compensation options

I didn’t find the corner compensation, very helpful. It didn’t seem much better to the old-fashioned loudness button which boosts bass or alternatively removes bass boost.
On the plus side, it’s not very directional and would be plenty loud enough, even in your long room.
However, the musical quality is very limited. I really only use mine for speech radio.
Also, the software seems much more temperamental than my NDX2

There’s a QB1 in my bedroom in a corner between a fitted wardrobe and the wall. The corner compensation is active on the QB, but I still think it sounds better out in the open. However, it’s mainly used by my wife for quiet background music and in that role it’s OK.

I’m not sure a QB sat right in a corner is ideal for a 3.5 x 8 m room. Is that really the only position available?


Mu-so Qb gen 1:

Mu-so Qb gen 2:

But you said 2nd gen has no rear/corner compensation… My two have the same options

Loudness button boosts bass, and should also boost treble a bit. Very crude as the effect would only be about right at one volume setting. It is the opposite of corner compensation, which would reduce bass.

As for what sounds best with the miniscule Qube is quite another matter, and a matter of taste. I haven’t hear Qube, only Muso, which was good sounding for what in my view is essentially a boom-box but then also very expensive compared to competition, so I guess the same would apply to Qube relative to competitor devices. At the end of the day if it seems right for the OP it is simple to play with the settings and with the exact position - presumably “in the corner” with such a small box actually allows for several tens of cm one direction or another?

I was being concise, perhaps over so. The slashes in “no/near wall/near corner room compensation” stood in for “or”.

I find that my muso Qb gen 1 sounds better away from a wall or corner and with the near wall compensation switched on (so reducing the bass bloat somewhat).