Q Acoustic Concept 500 with Nova?


Anyone using Concept 500s with the Nova ? I would like know how they partner in terms of both power and sound vise.


I assume power should be fine as my dealer offered to hook them up when auditioning for speakers to go with the star. We didn’t listen to them though as SWMBO didn’t like the two-tone/gloss.

I’ve been using said speakers with a Nova for a couple of years. They sound great to me with plenty of power. I rarely have the Nova above 40. My room is 13ft x 14ft with 11ft ceiling.

They sound terrific - punching well above their price!

You refer only to the speakers or the speakers specifically partnered with Nova ?

Thanks, and how do you find the bass control of Nova with the Concept 500s ? Is it tight, fast and detailed ?

I can certainly feel the bass, although much of what I play isn’t base heavy. They really respond to the quality of the recording.

I agree, I auditioned them in the past against Kef Reference 3 and Focal Kanta 2. I choose the Focal’s in the end but given price point , the Q Acoustics are very good !

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I have heard different Q acoustic speakers with other Naim amps and feel they’ll like terrific match.
The smaller stand melt loudspeakers are brilliant with my Atom, unbelievably good actually.
I have heard the floor stands and have no doubt that with a Nova, they will be brilliant.
Trust your own ears :slight_smile:

I used to have the 2050i floorstanders, they where excellent with my Atom. I should have gone for the 3050i when I changed speakers last year but didn’t. Still have QAcosutics for other areas though.

I actually had the feeling that Naim and Concept 500s maybe not so popular partners, you dont see them partnered around forums much. But good to hear all the positive comments here…Its encouraging since I don’t have the option to demo them.


Not had a big sit down demo, but i always have a listen to each dem room when i visit my dealer. I have heard these speakers with Nova and Star, great sound to my ears. But a pity you cannot demo them…a leap of faith, best of luck.

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Pretty sure I read some time ago that the designer of the q acoustics speakers is a naim fan. Not sure if that’s relevant but it’s my 2 cents worth.

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