Q acoustics Concept 500 anyone?

Has anyone paired with Naim or auditioned or using this?

In the good old days before lockdown the odd trip to my dealer Signals, i always had a look in the demo rooms to see what was playing ( if no customers listening).
So i did hear these on the end of a Naim system, think it was a 282/250…sounded really good imo, as ever you need your own demo. Worth a look at the Signals website, Alistair always gives his view, warts and all.

They punch well above their weight. I love Q-Acoustic speakers - well, all of the ones I’ve heard anyway!

I used to have the 2050s and was very pleased with them and they paired extremely well with my Atom. But try them out if interested. I am really keen to hear their new active range to see what they bring to the table. They have not made a bad speaker yet to my knowledge and I still use my 2010’s in my surround setup and I converted a one of their centre speakers in to wireless streamer for my bedroom and sounds great.

I seem to remember these getting very mixed reviews, some really positive and others very negative. I notice they seem to be available now at a considerable discount so maybe that’s telling. Perhaps I have the model wrong but I don’t think so.

IIRC Karl Heinz Fink had a major hand in their design, so on that point alone I’d say they must be well worth an audition.

All Q Acoustics speakers get reduced over time, it’s not indicative of their quality. Not everyone put up prices like Naim every year. Costs tend to come down for more mass produced products than go up. Likely these where more expensive than their usual fare by quite some margins testing the upper end of things, where they are not so well known and more snobbery kicks in.

I recall Karl Fink has some input into the Ovators and some of the Naim Bentley speakers?

Yes, correct.

My dealer suggested we audition these when we were looking for speakers, but as these were vetoed by my gf on aesthetics I didn’t want to listen to them. In case they would have been the best, better not to know.

IIRC, Karl Heinz Fink has also bought the Epos brand and has plans to relaunch the range with completely refreshed designs. Could be really promising for Naim owners.

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