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I’ve recently got the Mu so Qb 2.

From iTunes on my Mac when I select AirPlay the Qb is listed but selecting it crashes iTunes. Strangely when I select my B&W Zeppelin on the same network AirPlay is fine. AirPlay works fine from my iPad for both speakers and the Bluetooth connection is fine too.

My Mac is currently running Yosemite and iTunes which I’m guessing could be the issue but the Zep works. iPad is running iOS 13.4.

Since updating iTunes my iPad now doesn’t connect to the Mac, an upgrade from Yosemite looks inevitable I think.

I have raised this with product support but anyone encountered this too?


I don’t have an Qb 2, but an Atom. Should be the same platform, both with Airplay 2 support.
I’m running 10.13.6 and iTunes is at

I’ve noticed my Mac struggles more with Airplay, since version 2 was introduced and my flat now contains both version 1 (an old Pioneer speaker in the bathroom) and version 2 devices (updated AirPort Express + Atom). Especially when I switch between versions and/or include both into multi-room from iTunes (which is the only application I know, which can multi-room with the version 1) iTunes seems to need to “switch versions” or something.
My 13.4 iOS devices are fine - they either support the v1 device as only target or any/both v2 devices.

Maybe this is related?
What version does the Zeppelin support? v1 or v2?

Reading the Apple “gossip” seem to suggest there are issues with iTunes and older versions of OS X. Looks like my issues would support that, especially as no apparent issues with iOS. My guess, the Zeppelin Wireless predates the mass roll out of AirPlay 2 , maybe that’s why it works?

Nothing to lose really so will have to bite the bullet and upgrade Mac to later version of OS X, what could possibly go wrong! I’m going to try upgrading the Mac to Sierra and see what happens.

My MacBook (Pro) from 2011 is running mostly fine with High Sierra.
(Which is end of line for it anyway; and “last stop” before 32bit applications got cut. Hence, I’m currently pondering finally to get a new one - and then I’ll keep the 2011 model for “running legacy stuff”.)

Heck, it’s worked. Upgrading to OS Sierra. Airplay and the Qb are now working together and my iPad syncs with the Mac. Never knew I was such a master technician!!

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I saw the same effect. Older versions of iTunes only support Airplay version 1, which immediately crashes when connecting to the Qb2. Once you update your macOS and version of iTunes, then it uses Airplay v2 and all works well.

NOTE that if anyone is stuck on an old mac which cannot upgrade to a more recent OS, then you can use the AirFoil app which can stream any audio via chromecast or airplay2. Works great with the Qb2. https://www.rogueamoeba.com/airfoil/mac/ (windows version available too)

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Good to hear it wasn’t just me! Yeah you’re right, as soon as I upgraded my MacBook from Yosemite to Sierra the AirPlay worked fine with both the Zeppelin and Qb2. I’ve further upgraded to High Sierra now and naturally that’s fine too.
Good advice for owners of older Macs too. I had another issue because my iPad would no longer sync with my MacBook, upgrading resolved that too.

Yes, on macOS Apple forces updates of the OS to connect to new iOS. (Not immediately, but eventually. iTunes seems to “share” with the OS all along; now it’s actually embedded directly.)
Strange thing (at first glance) is, that on Windows iTunes works “standalone” (not embedded with OS, obviously), and here you need to keep iTunes up to date for new iOS, but it still works on much older Windows versions than macOS version…

Someone who might be more cynical (surely not) might think Apple master plan is to get us to buy a new Mac etc by making upgrading OS more problematic and making iOS iTunes less compatible with older OS versions.
Upgrading OS to High Sierra certainly solved my AirPlay issue with the Qb but I’m still having sync issues with my Mac and iPad. Reading the Apple forums seems like stacks of other users saying the same thing.

:man_shrugging:t2: - who knows? :wink:

May High Sierra iTunes and iOS13.x devices work quite well; I do use the WiFi-sync every few days to take backups (and push new music/pictures, if there are changes).
(Though I don’t sync much else these days. Data sync has moved to various “cloud” stuff.)

Was reading earlier about upgrading from HS to Mojave (also the title of an excellent Willard Grant Conspiracy album), community seemed split 50/50 for against on it. Did you hear anything for/against?

No own experience; my MacBook Pro (2011) is stuck with HS. My Mac mini (2014 or so) is now with my father an running Mojave; but it was his first Mac after 20 years or so… not much feedback there.

HS -> Mojave
Most serious change has been the deconstruction of iTunes into several places. (Several different applications like Music, and sync with iOS is now within the Finder - more iOS like split of functions.)
And of course the end to any 32bit applications. Which is why, even when upgrading to a new MacBook likely later this year, I’ll keep the old one around for some (few) games, which will likely never get an update to 64bit version.

Not sure; there’s been glitches after each major release. Including lost stuff between iTunes -> Music; lost mails, … - in same cases. Most people will be “happy”.
Hence, upgrading “a few months later” seems to be saver - if affected. But hard to know in advance, if you are. :wink:
For any new Mac I’ll anyway have to jump to Mojave (or successor); so I’ll find out some time.

Reckon HS will do for now, no doubt inevitable upgrade eventually. At least AirPlay is working properly now with both the Zeppelin Wireless and the Qb2, and the Mac is good (and hasn’t slowed down). Syncing iPad adds a bit of will it/won’t it work excitement.
My AV amp has AirPlay 2 so that should connect okay now too, happy days.

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