Qb dropping off network (network issue)

Hi all,
I bought my daughter a Qb2 in 2021. Recently it has started stopping playback and dropping off her network. She’s done several factory resets etc.

She brought it to our place and it works perfectly on our BT wifi, so I’m assuming there’s some incompatibility or misconfiguration with her wifi router (not sure what the brand is, but likely to be a cheapo provided by her ISP).

I’m having a think about what I could try to fix this when I get over to her place.

Assuming I can access the router logs, what sort of error message should I look out for?

these are my thoughts so far…

  • factory reset the router
  • change the wi-fi band to use only 2.4 or 5 Ghz
  • assign a static IP address for the Qb
  • change the wifi channel


  • replace the router (with what model?)
  • put in a wired ethernet connection (not ideal as the router is not in the same room)
  • install a wifi extender
  • install a wifi extender and wire the Qb directly into that

Is there anything I’m missing here, or anything you think is worth trying (or conversely, anything above that would be a waste of time)

many thanks in advance…

Qb2’s are dual band.

This thread has some discussion on similar problems

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Have they added a mesh WiFi system? Look for double dhcp where the mesh is doing one, and so is the router. Disable dhcp on the mesh system.

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I don’t thinks so, but I’ll check - thanks!