Qb failed setup

I want to relate my recent experience with repeated failed setup with my new Qb:

AirPlay Setup reports “An unexpected error occurred. Try again.” Called the retailer, who couldn’t help, called Montreal Naim for support (wrong phone number in the manual accompanying the unit), spoke with first line support. I related the “unexpected error” and after he consulted second line tech, I was told by the first guy that he was told “if you get that error you need to send the unit back.” They opined it was probably a circuit board problem which could be fixed. Two weeks later I was advise there was nothing wrong with unit but that I must use the 2.4 network (which is not stated anywhere in the literature. Since the unit didn’t work from inception the retailer is sending a new Qb.

After reading this forum it is clear there are known issues with setup/wifi. It is painful to read these entries. When I set up the new unit next week, I am anticipating the same problem as before.

Can anyone clarify on 2.4 vs 5g issue and whether the Naim app on my iphone and the Naim Qb need to be on the same network? There are conflicting answers on the forum. And is the firmware update even relevant to my problem?

I should add I has a Muso 2 on ethernet which works beautifully.

If it’s a series 1 Qb it only works on 2.4 GHz WiFi. If it’s series 2 Qb then it works on 2.4 or 5GHz WiFi.

The app and the Qb have to be on the same network, yes of course. Whether 2.4GHz and 5 GHz count as the same network, it all depends on your network equipment. Here I have my Qb on 2.4 GHz and my iPhone on 5GHz, both coming from a Virgin Media Superhub 2ac and it works fine always. But some other forum members have different experiences with their routers.

Regarding firmware updates, you should use the latest, but I really doubt that having your Qb on an earlier version would affect this issue one way or the other.




To add to that, if you are setting up with an iPhone on IOS 14, then there has been a bug in IOS that stopped setup working properly. This is explained in a sticky in the forum here.



Link to sticky

Thanks so much

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