Qb first generation disappeared from app for 2 days

So my qb has been permanently unvailable since wednesday I think. This was not just a possible vtuner down, since the qb was offline, not visible in the app not able to play airplay streams, only connection from usb or the other non network input worked.
Yesterday I closed the whole network down, meaning router and wireless accesspoint. This or something else made the qb appear again this morning.
In one of the other threads someone mentions that there is a trick to get qb and other first generation streaming devices bak but it was hard to find out if this is the reset trick or something else, but it would be nice to know the next time this occurs.

Mine disappeared too and appears to have happened at exactly the same time and came back once V-Tuner returned. Very odd.
Mine is now back but I don’t know why or how.

My gen 2 QB is often missing in action, it’s rather disappointing. Sometimes I have to use my NDX2 as the master to get it to work. Strange the app can’t find but the streamer can.

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