QB = Party Machine

I just had ‘Feeling Good’ from Sofi Tukker up on 70% power on the QB1. I almost forgot what a Party machine this little cube is. Dancing across the room! Mood influencer: I also had 70% of a bottle of good French Rose.
Anybody else in a very happy place too?


Great music and a nice bottle of wine what’s not to like?, always happy here my friend!

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What is QB1. I must know !!

First generation Muso QB. My son has one. Can easily fill the house with music. Quite terrifying.

Excellent for ‘quality of sound’, but also a true ‘party machine’ - it can can go loud & deep :+1:

Same here. We have a Muso QB (1st gen) in the kitchen and it’s terrific. Apart from allowing the family to share our music with each other (not always a good thing when the kids play rap …) it’s really amazing from a sound quality perspective and indeed does get the legs moving!

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