QB2 turns itself on

This Naim kit certainly has its quirks. QB2 frequently turns itself on and cannot figure out why. Latest firmware, no pets climbing on top, no light source causing it, stop steaming prior to putting into standby mode, no connection via Bluetooth to computer, power source steady.
Only recourse is unplug when not in use.

Anything connected via HDMI?
I think somebody also mentioned issues with Chromecast, when triggered by other people in the same household / WiFi/LAN.

Maybe it’s an option to send the Qb2 into deep standby (press longer on the standby/power button); I’m doing this occasionally with my Atom. (And it’s surely better than un-/replugging?)

I don’t have any Muso (Qb) 2, just referring to items I read here in other threads.

Nothing connected and the QB2 does not have a deep sleep function.

You evidently have an autoerotic QB, if it turns itself on!

Lol… now that’s funny!!

I found two things that made my Muso switch on unexpectedly. One was me enabling Bluetooth on my works laptop to see if I could use that as a source. Eventually I spotted that turning off the laptop (Windows -> Shut Down) triggered the Muso out of Standby. Disabled BT on the LT and it’s stopped happening.

The other possibility is numerous apps on the iPad or other device. The Naim app is still my main way of controlling the Muso alongside the 272 but alongside that I use Lumin to access Qobuz, and it became apparent that if there was anything in the Lumin play queue that would trigger the Muso into action even if I was using the 272 e.g. stop R4 stream, suddenly noise emanates from the other room as the Muso has fired up again. Solution is to always make sure the Lumin queue is cleared after a session.

If anyone has connected a Spotify account into your Qb2 it will detect Spotify Connect being used elsewhere from that account. I had my ‘new to me’ Atom do this a few days ago, and I logged out of that account and disabled it (in favour of Qobuz).

As mentioned above Chromecast may do the same.

Are you using the Naim app to control stuff elsewhere in the house? I’ve had instances where I’ve re-opened the app to control my main system, but because it was last used on the Qb, it wakes it up before I’ve changed rooms. Nothing plays in my case.

Does something play in your instance?

I do believe this was the cause! Fingers crossed it’s sorted. Thanks to all!!

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