Qed xt40i pre-terminated cable

I’m currently using a pre-terminated Qed xt40i cable with banana plugs in my uniti star but I’ve read on the forum that I should really be using the supplied Naim plugs. Looking at the way the cables are terminated (photo attached) I think I would have to cut the plugs off to replace them. Does it really make that much difference? It seems counterintuitive to replace the factory fitted plugs with hand soldered plugs.

The plugs Naim supply are a good match for the sockets on the amp. They fit well, and use the same nickel plate. For that reason it’s a good idea to use them if you can. However, you do need to be able to solder them properly which takes a bit of skill and a powerful soldering iron, otherwise it will be a mess. If you are lucky enough to have a dealer who can do this, they should assemble the cables for you. Unfortunately not all dealers do this well, which I suspect is why QED, Chord and other cable suppliers now offer crimped cables, which are much easier to do for a dealer who lacks soldering skills.

You’re absolutely fine with the QED factory fitted plugs.


I agree you will be OK with the QED installed pins, looking at QED advertising, they look to be Deltron or Deltron look-a-likes with side spring tensioner, just as used with the Naim banana pins.
The only thing that would be better is, as Chris says, that they were nickel plated to match the Naim amp sockets, thereby avoiding a small possibility of dissimilar metal erosion.

You are correct about the potential for galvanic corrosion with dis-similar metals, but it would require a damp environment.

Thanks everyone

Correct, the problem also is that once it’s started, it’s so difficult to stop & prevent further development.
I had it with Naim nickel pins into ‘gold’ plated speaker terminals. I eventually replaced both with new, replaced the same speaker terminal plate & gold Deltron pins, problem solved. But what started it, who knows, I suspect one or other cleaning fluids played a part.

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