QNAP issue - Files not uploading ' & ) (

Having spent the morning doing test uploads, it appears that, presumably after some updates, or perhaps user error? that any albums with ’ ( & etc. will not upload.
I have thousands of tracks uploaded successfully, this has only occurred this week
I have a QNAP NAS 251+ version

Can someone please come up with a suggestion, how to allow these characters to be included in Album titles/tracks. Otherwise a nightmare !
Thank you

Presumably this applies only to the file names, so the simplest solution is to leave out what it doesn’t like. You can put what you like in the metadata, which is what appears in the app when you search for and listen to the music. Unless you are using file name browsing, which most people don’t do. If you search by album, artist, track etc, it’s using the metadata.

Agree, it should just be the filenames, so just rename them to remove any special characters. Metadata should not matter

Thanks for quick reply.
I reiterate that I have had no problem with this issue in the past, and surely I am not going to be in the position of manually editing every Album/track title from now on ?
I had to remove the ‘&’ in each folder and replace it with ‘and’

I had to manually rename each file before uploading ?!

This album was obviously a nightmare, as one has to remove all )( & etc.

Does nobody else have this issue, as I said, only started this week

The above are all albums on my NAS which originally uploaded fine


If you have access to linux:

cd “$path/$ARTIST/$ALBUM”
detox -r -s utf_8 *

There’s probably something windows based that will do this for you.

PowerRename is a free GUI-based tool on Windows that works really well, also features an undo option just in case.

It’s got to the point where I dare not update my QNAP firmware!

Also most rippers have an option to omit problematic characters in file names completely.

Which characters are allowed in filenames is determined by the filesystem that is used for the disk. It is a weird issue though as QNAP by default uses the Linux ext4fs filessystem which allows all characters. Windows’s NTFS and FAT are notorious for disallowing lots of characters, but NTFS only disallows / \ : * ? " < > | and not the ones you mentioned

Did you change the filesystem from default when setting up the QNAP?

Edit: How do you upload, in the browser from the QNAP’s web app? Try to create a file with such a name directly on the QNAP.


Are you uploading from a PC to the NAS.

If so, have you tried using NetBaK Replicator.

Many thanks for all the useful suggestions
The problem I have is, there was no problem!
The albums I used as test uploads, are all already on my NAS drive, with no problems when first uploaded
Only the last few days
I upload to QNAP NAS from Windows 10 PC
Will have another look in next couple of days

Sorry I’m slightly confused. Are you saying that albums that were already on the Qnap no longer work? I have a Qnap and am now slightly concerned about what will happen if I update it. I wouldn’t want potentially thousands of songs to become unavailable.

Maybe Qnap guru @trickydickie knows about this?

I rip to a W10 PC and stream from a qnap NAS.

The simplest way IMO to get the files from the PC to the NAS is by using NetBak Replicator Instant Backup.

Simply rip a bunch of CD’s into a folder on the PC. (I rip to subfolders in a main folder named MUSIC, so I know where all my music files are stored)

Instant backup that folder.

The software identifies any new data in the folder and copies it to NAS.

I also use NetBak Replicator to backup the MUSIC folder to an external USB hard drive.

I am saying that 2 or 3 albums which are already on my NAS (still are) were used in conjunction with one which failed, to try to ascertain what the issue is.
The 2 or 3 albums which uploaded fine when purchased, will now NOT upload satisfactorily, indicating to me that either, something has changed with updates etc. or I have inadvertently altered a setting?!
I use dBPoweramp to rip the CDs to my PC. I then use QNAP software to upload the CDs
I have no problems doing this for the last few years, having uploaded many hundreds.

Could it be something in DBPoweramp? That’s what you use to rip correct?

Thanks - have had a look at the settings, all looks fine to me

I would suggest opening a ticket with QNAP support. You will need to create an account and ideally submit the request through their Helpdesk application which you may need to install on the QNAP.

I’ve found them really helpful in the past. They recently resolved an issue for me where my QNAP would go unresponsive and they couldn’t have provided better support, especially considering that my device is 5 years old and far outside warranty. They can remote on to your machine to diagnose and resolve the problem.

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Thank you - That was going to be my next step, I have just one more thing to try.
I have used the help desk before, I also found them most helpful

I use EAC and rip directly to my QNAP. Any tag tweaking is done with mp3tag.
The spate of firmware updates is down to the recent number of exploits and attacks so is understandable.

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