Qobus favourites disappeared

Yesterday about 300 of my Qobuz favourites disappeared from my lists. They are still marked as favourites on the Qobuz site but they do not show up like this in the Naim app for my Unity Nova. I have mailed Naim and Qobuz about this issue. No response yet. Does anybody have a solution?

Do you have a filter enabled?

Thank you for replying. No I do not have filters on. Strangely many albums are not marked as favorite in the Naim app but they are in Qobuz.

You could always try the old favourite:

Log out of Qobuz. Shut down app. Power down the Nova fully. Wait for 5 mins.

Power Nova back up. Launch app. Log in to Qobuz.


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Where were you seeing Favourites as I can’t find mine either!

Actually they seem to be appearing under a ‘My Albums’ section below ‘New releases’ and ‘My Playlists’.

I honestly can’t remeber if they used to appear as My Favourites.

Can’t see My Favourites here either on iPhone X, I’ve mentioned before I need to scroll to see My Purchases:

Isn’t everything in the Albums and Artists tabs in the app’s main screen a Qobuz (or Tidal) favorite

I suspect the quboz AI engine has concluded nobody can possibly have as many as 300 favourites, and taken the appropriate action. :grinning:

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I think you’re correct, either not very intuitive, but more likely I’ve never looked in that section!

Good thought, or maybe the Naim app does.

Previously My Purchases only showed 50 album covers after which there were ‘placeholder’ graphics - I reported this as I have more than 50 purchases and it was fixed quickly - could potentially be a similar issue of not handling above a certain number of Favourites correctly.

I use Favourites to save things I might buy in hi-res or won’t buy if only available in CD quality as I’ll then buy the CD or stream at that quality.

I have had 560 favourites on the main screen of the Naim app. They are still present in the Qubuz section but most of them are no longer marked as favourites although they still are in the Qubuz app.

Maybe I should not be bothered then. I can work with the Qobuz section. I do hate the fact that their is no way to organize your music.

In all honesty I think organising music from streaming services is probably not simple or a reasonable expectation for the Naim app. The app will simply access the Qobuz/Tidal/Spotify API and show in genersl your selections for those services indivudually.

Have you looked at Roon?

I have not looked at Roon. I just bought my Nova and I am very happy with it. What does Roon offer for extras?

Actually Roon probably won’t help you organise music as you want but I’m not certain, it’s hard to describe it easily, it generaly needs to run on a computer/compatible device, and then has phone/tablet apps to control playback to Nova and can output to different music to different zones not just the Nova. I probably only scratch the surface of what it can do.

They do a free trial.


And if that doesn’t work a hard re-set.

Well…I have 481 and they are there. On my Atom.

My Roon question is with zero downloaded music, all streaming from Qobuz and some Apple Music is Roon worth anything?

Roon doesn’t work with Apple only Qobuz and Tidal. It makes no difference to Roon whether it’s taking a stream from Qobuz or Local files.

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My thought is if I add stored music in various places it would be worthwhile. But as you say, now all I do if find an album and play it. If I want anything imaginative I tell Siri to do it and voila. So at the present…my head is overloaded with all this stuff as is. I’m still trying to understand what a hicap is…lol…