Qobus on ND5 XS

Qobus is finally coming to Sweden but will I be able to stream it on my ND5 XS? I have only seen updates for ND5 XS 2.

The old streamers only support Tidal, no Qobuz directly. You would need a third party solution to use Qobuz, lots of older threads about this

Search the forum for “Bubble UPnP” for a low cost option.

Of course added Qobuz isn’t the only improvement you get moving to ND5XS2…

Flog the ND5XS on fleabay and afford the upgrade (which is what I did).

What’s not to like? :smiley:

Yes, that’s probably where I will end up:). A bit annoying though that Naim can’t offer an upgrade.

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