Qobuz albums disappear on Naim app

I control my Uniti Atom using the Naim app on my phone and use Qobuz. Some days my saved albums are there and some days they are not. Artists, tracks and playlists always turn up.

If I look at the Qobuz app directly on my phone, i e without the Naim app being involved, the albums are there under My Qobuz My Favourites.

I tried contacting Qobuz support but they can’t see what’s going on when their app is functioning within the Naim one.

The Atom is running the most recent firmware version.

I’d welcome any suggestions. Please be aware I’m not very technically minded. Thank you.

theres quite a few albums on Qobuz that have vanished for me, i dont use the name app but when i go to faves, its showing as normal but when i click to play it says no longer on qobuz

I was going through my favorites yesterday and found about three of these. Also found one from Tidal. They obviously change the url or identifier used to link to an album at the streaming services’ side. It strikes me as next to impossible for the Naim app to track this.

FWIW the Qobuz app does not run inside the Naim app. The Naim app is standalone. The difference is that the Qobuz app will use a direct communication to the Qobuz servers and will be aware of any changes made there. The Naim app uses an external Qobuz API made available for third party applications to use.

Qobuz wont be able log an anything in apps consuming this external service.

Thanks Kryptos for your reply and for putting me straight on the apps too. I understand that Qobuz can’t help me here and of course the saved albums are there in the Qobuz app. The albums have showed up today on Naim so maybe something has changed in the background that has solved it.

Other users mentioned individual albums become unplayable. I’ve occasionally had this happen but I think it’s a separate issue. As suggested the label has maybe moved the album to a different URL or they are negotiating to squeeze more cash from Qobuz.

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On the odd occasion when this has occurred, I simply deselect the favourite in the Qobuz app, fully close the Naim app, re select as fav in Qobuz app and then reopen Naim app.
You may know this, but if you are not regularly both shutting down your phone and then restarting or from time to time, fully closing an app (all apps), these aspects are worth doing say weekly.
@Jonathan_n you don’t mention which app you are using, on what style of control point. It is always worth listing phone make, model and the actual os version.
Two reasons, targets other forum members to your post and then when your thread appears in later searches, there is a series of pointers. Also useful to simple give the actual version number ruining on your Atom. There have been occasions when a thread post has a version number, which others have highlighted is not the latest version.
My control point, is a iPad Pro 3 gen, running on iOS 16.6 - I have yet to update, when I next due a manual backup. On an iOS control point, the method to close an app is to swipe up from the bottom. It is rarely necessary to do a full delete and reinstall. If you are using Android, similar will apply.
Also worth noting that in the last few hours, the Naim app (for iOS) has been updated, so without the info we don’t know which version you might be running. The short narrative refers to ‘favourites’ although I believe this may be in respect of Tidal; ymmv.

This does occur from time to time and is a separate issue. I understand your meaning.
When an album is greyed out, it means it is not available for selection, which is a little different from unplayable - but then I am also a vinyl fan! If an artist or anor withdraws the license for an album, this can also be a reason.

What is the latest version? I am not aware of an update. My app states version 6.6.0.

As with any other streaming service content is potentially subject to change if the rights holder no longer permits Qobuz to stream it or the title changes in some way and has a new identifier.

Has anyone had any instances of Qobuz purchases no longer being available.

I’ve always downloaded purchases in at least one format (ALAC or FLAC) just in case, unless something I really like/know disappeared I might struggle to notice.

A little off topic but this has always landed wrong with me, that the services even say that you should download the purchases in case. One of the great benefits of streaming and cloud storage is not having to own terrabytes of hardware at home anymore and dealing with backup and home network streaming. And then, once again, due to licensing nonsense the entire benefit of the technology is pretty much erased. Purchasing digital downloads has certainly changed the meaning of paying for something and owning it.

Ok, grumpy man soapbox time is over.

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If you purchase an album, why would you not download it? If you want to stream it, surely you just do that from your regular Qobuz subscription without paying anything extra.

There is an argument for storing locally where possible, that streaming from a remote server uses a lot of power, and there is a significant financial and environmmental cost to that. Qobuz are buying space on a remote server somewhere that will be chewing electricity at a huge rate, and the more files are pulled from it, the harder it has to work. In that respect, a one-off download instead of every time you listen has to be a good thing.


You are right, I never buy on Qobuz so was relating it to other services like buying movies on iTunes.

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I find that when a track becomes unavailable, it has nearly always been replaced by another version, and I just need to save that and delete the old one. It’s a bit of a faff, and it would be nice it Qobuz (and Tidal) could do it automatically, but they don’t.
Of course there are some cases of the music being no longer available at all. For me this has been a rarity, and I guess due to artists of license holders not wanting to use the platform for whatever reason. In those cases, my first port of call is usually Bandcamp.

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Less of an issue these days but I’ve on occasions purchased many items in sales or when there were pricing hiccups, often ‘multi disc’ collections, and downloading wasn’t always reliable for a large batch or huge TAR files, so some I didn’t immediately download.

I preferred the older manual downloading to the downloader app, but have found the Qobuz desktop player provides another method getting all my purchases downloaded fairly easily, even if you can’t specify the format.

Still prefer web downloads for artwork as it’s higher resolution.

Also I suppose if we download we need good backup strategies in case of storage failure so you can see why most people simply stream.


I have the exact same problem. No albums in favourites for about the last 3 weeks but it has been intermitent. Sometimes if I log out and log out again of all the apps they will show up again. I have the exact same problem using Roon as the control App on my desktop system which is not a Naim/Focal based system. Clearly it is a problem with how Qobuz is interfacing with both the Naim and Roon Apps. All other Qobuz information is avaiable on both Naim and Roon. Just the favourite albums are missing. I have contacted Qobuz support and of course they ask if I have contacted Naim and Roon support. Similar to you if I access Qobuz directly on my desktop or on my phone the favourite albums are there. When I use my DCS Mosiac control app on my reference system al my favourite albums are in avaialbvle in Qobuz. Any suggestions or thoughts on fixes most welcome. Thanks Craig

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That’s my experience, too. Mind you, I have a self-imposed rule that if an album sits in my favourites for a while and gets played more than two or thee times, I’ll buy a copy, usually as a download. Perhaps a bit sentimental, but it’s my way of thanking the artists for the enjoyment they’ve given me.



That is an admirable approach. Personally I subscribe to Qobuz sublime so I am contributing (however small) to the artists. The artists have agreed contracts with Qobuz and although far less money per play, they arguably have more exposure plus some of us may actually buy a download as well.

As part of the streaming experience I accept that some albums may not always be available to stream and some may show as unavailable, requiring a deletion and then adding again to the library again but that is OK. There is also the option to buy a download to have access to the album for ever.

I appreciate that there are many different views on this subject but whatever a person’s viewpoint, at least none of us are (I never have) pirating music.

We are all listening to a wider variety of music/artists than we would if limited to having to purchase CDs/LPs.

I have been having the same problem with my three week old Muso. Naim are tending to point the finger at my network. However, with Bubble or MConnect running on the same phone and tablet all albums are there. Logic tells me that there is a problem with the Naim app. Will be back to Naim tomorrow to try to get this sorted. Never had so much trouble with an app or equipment before. This is my first experience of Naim and I am rather underwhelmed.

Craig thanks for your reply - it’s helpful to know it’s not just me. I agree - something is amiss in how the Qobuz app is interfacing with the Naim app. Each of the apps is working perfectly on its own. For the past week or so I haven’t had this problem of the disappearing albums at all. Perhaps something has been tweaked somewhere in the background.

I’m sorry I can’t help. I’m not doing anything differently although I did follow one of the suggestions by fully shutting everything down and restarting.

I saw the discussion about downloading and saving albums to USB or a server. I can see the point but I prefer to keep it simple. I think a streamer should stream and I’ve got vinyl too but I haven’t digitised any of it.

I hope your albums start turning up reliably for you.

Paul I mentioned my Naim Atom when I first asked about this but I have a Muso 2 as well and the albums would be missing from there as well when they were missing on the Atom. So it must be either the Naim app or the interface between Qobuz and Naim. In my case the problem has apparently solved itself. For the time being at least!

Thanks for your reply. Like your Muso, the problem on mine appears to have resolved itself. However, during the period when the albums were disappearing I was able to use both Bubble and MConnect on the Muso. Both were stable and had all my albums present and correct. On my main system which is Quad with a Primare streamer running into a Chord Qutest, all the albums were also present. I also have the Qobuz Windows app on my PC which has a B&O speaker system. Again, all albums are present. The problem only seemed to affect the Naim app. I have had long conversations about this with Naim but, despite all this evidence, they seem rather reluctant to consider this as an app problem and want me to further investigate my network and plug ethernet directly into the router. My Muso stands beside a 4k TV which happily streams UHD films without a single glitch.
I am inclined to agree with you that there is a problem between the Naim app and Qobuz. Persuading Naim that this is the case has proved to be somewhat difficult. Anyhow, I am in the process of sorting out an ethernet connection so we’ll see.
It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who has had this problem.