Qobuz and Audirvana

I purchased a couple of hi-res albums last night.

I’ve been using Audirvana over Roon recently as I can easily access the Purchased list.

For some reason albums only seem to be playing via UPnP to the Nova at CD quality despite Qobuz streaming settings set to 192 kHz.

Has something changed recently?

Do you have the hi res streaming subscription? I seem to remember that you could only stream hi res purchases in hi res if you had the right subscription. Not sure if it is still the same…

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Flachead is correct. You need the hires streaming sub to stream them in hires. Why would you want to stream them from Qobuz at home if you already own them as flacs? I’m really befuddled about this, I understand the need if away from your library but at home seems strange.

I have the original Sublime subscription, not Sublime HD.

I thought if they were purchased hi-res titles and selected from Qobuz-Purchased that they’d stream in HD - I’m pretty sure they used to do this. Oddly in the Qobuz app they no longer do this either - they definitely used to.

Don’t be befuddled, I just used to enjoy playing stuff from the Qobuz Purchased list via streaming and I’m sure it used to work in hi-res. You may find it strange, I don’t, and don’t see why it shouldn’t work - there’s no practical reason when it’s a purchased title.

No standard Sublime - I’m sure I used to be able to do it, but that tier is no longer available. I have a legacy deal on Sublime so it’d be quite a jump cost wise to go up to the next tier - the Sublime discounts are excellent and often mean a hi-res album is half price - I guess it’s a case of balancing cost of purchases vs unlimited hi-res streaming to some extent. Generally if I like something enough I’ll buy it in hi-res, for other titles I’m fairly happy with CD quality.

I know track my purchases easily in Roon. When I add one I add a tag called Qobuz Purchases to it. I then created a focus search for this tag and saved a bookmark. Now I can just use the bookmark to jump to the easily and the list will auto update as long as I tag all new additions.

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I’d wondered about doing something similar - if I’m honest I’m probably not organised enough to do this reliably for each title!

That’s part of my problem - my NAS is an old WD - fine for storage if I’m accessing via Roon/Audirvana library type arrangements, or just as storage for Asset/Minim. The music on there however is something of a mish mash of MP3/AAC/FLAC, with a bit of duplication too. It needs a lot of re-organisation and that can take a lot of time over the network when my main Mac is currently on wi-fi.

I just liked the fact that I could have a subset easily accessible via Qobuz purchased which has the added benefit of reminding me of things I’ve bought especially as it invisibly organises via ‘album’ purchased or ‘multi part album compilations’.

It may be nothing more than a personal preference I suppose, likely a minority way of doing things, but there are others when it comes to Roon who miss the Purchased section.

I guess I’m a bit peeved with Roon too - I was willing to accept an older version which allowed me access to Qobuz purchases, and after the update which disabled this I reverted via Time Machine on the Mac to the previous version. Somehow this auto-updated a few weeks ago despite being set not to do so - I’ve barely used it since, especially as I like the way Audirvana is going.

It may be worth removing/culling all lossy audio tracks from the NAS if they are available to stream in CD quality.

You can’t really keep using older versions of Roon as it’s not designed that way it’s a constant evolving thing. Perhaps a weakness but then supporting multiple versions of software when later versions have fixed bugs changed the back end etc is not a good business plan for a small team. Last update they changed a lot behind the scenes and all remotes and servers had to be updated as well to deal with the new tech. So these would no longer work on old software. It’s in their terms and conditions that some updates are mandatory.

Maybe it was a forced mandatory update after many months using the older one, maybe clumsy me as it started one day inadvertently agreeing to it without noticing - I have no idea, but while it worked it was good.

Problem is I hate mandatory updates - if I want to stick with older software as I prefer it accepting limitations or that certain things such as Roon Remote may be broken it should really be my choice - there is a distinct possibility that some software updates could be incompatible with the user’s Roon core hardware, so do they then have to buy a new computer rather than continue with a limited functionality older version?

I know you love Roon, I think it’s very good, but ultimately has limited appeal to the masses at current price points to use YOUR purchased media or subscription services YOU pay for separately. Just saying…

I’d normally be with you on this one but Roon is slightly different.

With Roon you have the remote, a server that you run and also software running on Roons servers which provide much of the data and functionality.

It would get very difficult for Roon to keep ‘their end’ running with older versions running on client’s networks. The latest update was a significant redesign of their back end systems which would be impractical to implement with a variety of different user configurations.


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