Qobuz and Tidal - Copy Favourites and Playlists via Soundiiz?

I had Tidal when I had a 272, but moved to only Qobuz for the past few years.

I just took out Tidal again as it has about twice as many Joachim Kühn albums than Qobuz.

Does anyone know how to copy favourites and playlists from Qobuz to Tidal?

Last time I did this years ago I had to take out a separate membership of Soundiiz, and do it on there, which was a faff.

I just noticed that Qobuz has a relationship with Soundiiz now built into the Qobuz app, but I’m not sure whether it can be used to export my favourites and playlists.

This might be useful for people who want a backup of their Qobuz (or Tidal) favourites and playlists too.

Soundiiz is £4.50 for a month.

I just found one non-Soundiiz method:

Tidal: Tune My Music
We know the effort you put in to curate the perfect collection. Move your favorite playlists, tracks, albums, and artists from other streaming services and listen to them on TIDAL today.*

  • By continuing, you will be redirected to TuneMyMusic, a third-party service. TuneMyMusic charges one time fee of $4.50 for a month for transfers over 500 tracks.

I’d just say be a bit careful. These apps usually want your password for both streamer companies in order to make their SW work. Makes perfect sense, but being a bit suspicious, I suggest you change your password after using it, or change it before then change it back after

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I did it via Soundiiz.

I’d used it years ago so I just had to log in.

It was very fast, and I got a download of Excel files with my lists of playlists, albums, tracks, and artists.

I can now cancel the monthly order.

I did try to feed all my favourites to YouTube because I wanted to improve the algorithm so it finds more music I might like.

YT gave me a stern warning suggesting that Soundiiz would be able to access a lot of my data and make changes to my account.

Perhaps they just wanted to stop Soundiiz from also selling my data.

Anyway, it put me off so I didn’t try that expt.

Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow or before the end of the month while I retain the service.

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The problem is the Tidal stuff just doesn’t sound as good as Qobuz.

Maybe it will when they get proper hires flac.

But when will that be?

Soundiiz is free for Qobuz subscribers

Interesting Service from Qobuz

But this is only as as far as I can see a way of transferring music data onto Qobuz from other services.

I was transferring Music data off Qobuz Onto other services ie Tidal