Qobuz app and Apple CarPlay

Has anyone had any success getting the Qobuz iOS app to work with Apple CarPlay to stream/play music on the move?

I’m having problems getting it to work (I’m on a Qobuz streaming plan), even though the Qobuz app’s icon shows on the CarPlay screen, and I’m in strong 4G area. The app opens, however refuses to show any albums, artists or favourites - blank screens for all three.

Reason I ask is that the Tidal iOS app worked flawlessly in CarPlay (as did Spotify), and in addition to streaming any albums, it was also possible to play albums that had been locally downloaded to the device - not so with Qobuz though.

ATB. George.

I think Qobuz only works with Carplay if you download material to local storage on your phone.

Thanks Chris - I tried that (2 albums) - doesn’t show up on the screen…

As I said, Tidal app works flawlessly in CarPlay - maybe the Qobuz app is ‘work in progress’ in terms of compatibility with CarPlay? After all, it’s only with iOS 13 that many 3rd party apps work well, and hopefully iOS 13.4 (due in the coming weeks) brings some bug fixes (e.g. known bug with iPhone 11 Pro and wireless CarPlay with music dropping out occasionally).


I don’t know if CarPlay needs to ‘rescan’ the Qobuz app for new material before it shows up - maybe a restart would prompt it, but I’m guessing here.
Also, are they HiRes files? I’m guessing (again) that CarPlay, being an Apple thing, might not support anything above 16/44?

Thanks Chris - I’ll try your rescan suggestion tomorrow.

All downloaded music files are 320kbps, same as the iTunes library music I have on it - can see what you’re getting at though as anything higher unlikely to work.

Weird thing is though that doing the exact same thing with Tidal app works fine (downloaded mp3s)…

Has anyone tried Qobuz with CarPlay?


It’s always been a bit flakey in all honesty.

I think I’ve only used it to play downloaded content.

It seems a bit better these days but it’s not simple to navigate your downloads on the go - I think you need to start up before you set off or let a passenger select.

When I first started using the app over a year ago I found the display didn’t regularly come up as some other apps did. There used to be four tabs at the top of the screen and I often found selecting the tab area even if it wasn’t showing managed to get me into a list. Often however I’d need to unlock the phone, quit the app and restart it, after which generally it was ok.

CarPlay is a mixed bag really.

Are you using a genuine Apple cable - we had lightning connectors supplied from the dealer for the cars last year, but find original Apple cables more reliable. Mrs ACs CarPlay is more intermittent generally than mine, newer car software as well, I’m not certain the USB connector isn’t faulty.

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Many thanks @Alley_Cat - much appreciated.

Agree that CarPlay an sometimes feel like a ‘work in progress’ project, however there are some things that work really well on it. Loving the podcast app to catch up with my DriveTribe and Chris Harris padcasts, and ability to use voice to send text messages (hands-free) has been great to notify folks when I’m running late. Similarly, using Siri to search out specific albums/tracks hands-free has been a great way of selecting music (or setting destinations) without the usual endless ‘wheel-scrolling’ through lists!

I took @ChrisSU ‘s advice and rebooted/restarted everything, and can report that I can play pre-downloaded music from Qobuz, however it’s not a patch on the Tidal app that can stream music as well as play downloaded content.

Hopefully the Qobuz app will evolve to something similar to Tidal’s better offering.

Cables not of worry as CarPlay in both the Mini and the Vantage are wireless and both work well. They can also work wired, and both work well with mfi Apple certified cables (or the original Apple cable that came with the iPhone).

Thanks again to both of you for your assistance and comments - much appreciated.


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Good to hear that you got it working. Maybe Tidal is a better option for you if streaming over mobile works reliably. For me, that would be a non-starter as I find mobile signals too unreliable.

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I tend to just stream downloaded stuff due to mobile connectivity issues - CarPlay will handle lossy or lossless downloads including hi-res in my experience with the Qobuz app - quite what it outputs to the car steero is a different question!

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I’m having a similar problem displaying my offline stored albums with Qobuz on CarPlay.

On my iPhone I have over 300 albums stored for offline use and I have a number of playlists that I created, all of these sync perfectly across my 3 iOS devices but fail to do so on CarPlay. On the CarPlay I get about a dozen albums on the albums tab, no playlists and a about a dozen artists on the artists tab.

Can someone please explain to me what exactly I need to get Qobuz to rescan the library when connected to CarPlay.


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