Qobuz App (on Android) to ND5 XS2 via Chromecast - Terrible break-up of stream

New ND5 XS2 … attempting to stream from my Sony Xperia XZ Premium android smartphone using the Qobuz app (via Chromecast) - absolutely appalling … freezes continuously every few seconds. Anyone else experiencing similar … ?

Are you having issues when you stream Qobuz directly from the Naim App (which will give you better potential sound quality and stability, FYI)?

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Streaming on my Naim app (Android) to the ND5 XS2 is generally ok for Qobuz … & Tidal too (for Spotify, if I’m right, the Naim app will always open the Spotify App for Spotify Direct ?) Just wondered why such a very fractured connection on the Qobuz app via Chromecast. I re-installed the Qobuz app on my phone - slight improvement, though still very bad. My broadband is fast (80mb/s download speed approx). Streamer is ethernet cabled - (wifi antennae still in their plastic bag … don’t want to tear into that until I’m sure I’m keeping the streamer - presumably, the lack of wifi connectivity on the unit shouldn’t make much odds). I do also have more general problems connecting to the ND5 XS2 on the Naim app. It can take a fair while (5-10 secs or so) … circular icon just spinning around. Mu-so no problem - always there, already connected when the Naim app is opened. Any thoughts ? Many thanks for your help - much appreciated. SJ.

Think you have answered your own query…attach the wifi antenna.

My understanding is that Chromecast piggy-backs on the wifi network so as @Neilb1906 says attach the wifi antennae and that should sort it

If you have a 2nd generation Mu-so you could try casting from the Qobuz app to the Mu-so against casting from the Qobuz app to the ND5XS2.

This would allow you to better judge whether the problem has more likely to do with the Qobuz app (or with your mobile phone) or with the ND5XS2.

You could also install the BubbleUPnP app on your Android device to test your Chromecast connections. This is a very good control point. It should immediatly discover your Chromecast devices and has integrated support for Qobuz, Tidal, etc.

He has already stated that chromecast works on his Muso.

Just screw in the antennas to the 5XS2 and it will work.

Endorse what @Naim.Marketing has suggested:
Stream Qobuz from within the Naim App (one-time enrolment, no extra charge) for the ND5XS2, and you can also multi-room that stream from the ND5XS2 to your Muso (1st or 2nd Gen).

I had a ND5XS2 and it was very stable - as are my current Atom and Qb2, although I mainly use Ethernet for connectivity to my server (non wi-fi) over an upgraded network.

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Let me get this straight, if the unit is cabled to the router and the phone communicates with the router (over wifi), Chromecast still uses wifi to the unit? What? Why?

If you select a wired connection, that’s what your streamer uses. There is no selective use if WiFi for certain inputs.

That’s what I would expect, thanks

That’s not the point that the OP is making and it would be very odd indeed if a wired ND5XS2 would additionally need a wireless connection to work properly.

But you are right, screwing in the antennas costs nothing and if it allows one to discover something funny, why not!

Of course but it is still very interesting to know how the ND5XS2 performs as a Chromecast (and Airplay) device: there is much more than Qobuz and Tidal out there and many interesting streaming services rely on Chromecast and/or Airplay.

Many thanks for everyone’s input & suggestions. Much appreciated. Apologies if, as yet, unfamiliar with forum protocol … this is new to me.

My ND5XS2 was fine with Chromecast and Airplay. Noting that network stability is key. Also Google has had significant service interruptions globally over the last day or so, whether that has impacted Chromecast / GoogleHome or just their other tracking devices who can say.

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Guys op has said streamer is wired, he does not need wireless for Chromecast at all. Your misundertanding how Chromecast works. Doesn’t matter what device you cast from it’s a control point only the connection is direct from Chromecast to Qobuz via the wired ethernet of the streamer it does not piggy back on wireless at all.

No it doesn’t.

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This is not the case at all. Chromecast does not work like Airplay. The Chromecast endpoint pulls data direct from source streaming server whether it’s Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify etc, if the unit is wired it will pull over wired. It does not piggyback on your phones wireless signal at all it’s just a control point like the Naim app.

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I had the same problem with NDX and chromecast. Have now installed Roon and the problem is solved. At a cost, but sound quality is improved all round - well worth it.

I have had the problem using Chromecast on my iPad to play Qobuz on the NDX2. The Naim app works fine but has some deficiencies that should be easy to fix and its these that cause me to want to use the Qobuz app itself.

  • Naim Cannot show you a list of recently played tracks whereas Qobuz can. Surely this should be simple.
  • Naim does not show the proper booklets that would be included with the CD but QB seems to. Naim uses some bot to aggregate third-party data.
  • Naim lacks some track level information. For example if an album includes pieces by several composers it gives the names of the tracks-Which might all be called concerto for violin-but not the composers, whereas Qobuz does.

Are these Naim improvements on your to do list please? Is the chrome cast problem for Quobuz to resolve or Naim or is it a joint issue?

Naim likes to cultivate a top quality image and certainly has a perfectionist Clientele. Keeping us informed is important. Explaining the cause of the problem might help to remove a lot of frustration.