Qobuz Black Friday Offer

Not seen anything myself yet @mikehughescq…my subscription runs out Friday so hoping for something :crossed_fingers:

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Mine runs out Sunday. Suspect no offers in the offing. Just want to make sure I don’t lose what I already have.

I’ve just received a black Friday offer.


Nothing here but I’ll do a dig. Do you hsve a link by any chance?

Not sure forum rules allow posting of link to commercial site

But I searched “give the Qobuz gift” and black Friday deal is listed in choices. Seems to be 10% off for 12 months. Valid until 30th November.

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I’ve taken my link down. Your info gets to the same place.

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Thanks. Found it. 10% off seems to be the way to go rather than faff every few months.

Found it but in google not bing. Thanks

Hmm, can we buy gift cards for ourselves? Also, my annual doesn’t renew until January, I wonder if I can take advantage of the 10% off sub.

My last gift card was indeed gifted to myself, which they seem to have no objecttkn to. Expires Sunday. Bought a new one just now but it’s not come through yet. Assume I just apply it from Sunday and we’re all good.

However, having read above I’m having a small panic. What’s the “card activation deadline”?

31st Jan 2024. According to the email I received.

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It does look straightforward then. If only the people who write their sparsely populated FAQs would read forums like this and spot… FAQs. :rofl:

Qobuz 2023 T&Cs for Black Friday Deal…

  • The Black Friday 2023 promotion concerns gift cards for streaming subscriptions only.

  • The last day for promotional gift card purchases is November 30, 2023.

  • The activation deadline for promotional gift cards is January 31, 2024. No promotional gift card may be activated after this date.

  • If you are already a streaming subscriber, the promotional gift card can only be activated at the end of the current subscription, and only if the subscription ends before the card activation deadline.

  • No reimbursement will be made once a promotional gift card has been purchased.

  • For other terms and conditions surrounding use of the gift card, excluding promotions, please refer to our general terms and conditions of sale.

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I started my Qobuz with this offer last year and have just renewed using the same way - bought the 12 months for myself. No issues with carrying over favourites or playlists. I’m hoping to do the same next year… :wink:

@scoop Good to hear…did you have to let your previous subscription expire before applying the new gift card as indicated in the Qobuz T&Cs. Can’t remember exactly what I did last year

The gift card year runs from when you activate it, so you can but it now and activate it when your subscription ends (as long as it’s before the end date). I only had a couple of days left so activated mine so I didn’t forget over Thanksgiving.

Does anyone know if the gift card also applies to a Sublime subscription?

Seems to be Studio only.

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Usual unhelpful renewal process then.

Today is the last day of my first self-gifted sub. Clicked on activate to get the new self-gifted sub going and it just goes to their web page and asks for a login. That done, all you get is their home page. No landing page to confirm activation at all. A quick look at my account and it says I have Studio to the 25th of November next year.

Just so basic to not have to faff about.

Wonder how many peolle actually gift someone a sub as opposed to self-gift?

Mine ends at the end of March ugh why did they have to put such a short card deadline 12 months would have been fairer. When you consider how long some gift cards last 2 months is nothing.