Qobuz Black Friday Offer

Has anyone managed to get their email address accepted in the above offer?
25 percent off Studio annual subscription.

Not sure exactly what you mean re. email address accepted but I cancelled my current monthly subscription, purchased the 12 month (25% off) offer and applied it to my account, all seemed to go smoothly

I can’t find this advertised anywhere, where is it being promoted? thanks

If i go to their vouchers/giftcards page the Black Friday offers are there.
Whatever recipients email address I put in it says its invalid.

Update, ive tried it now on my Mac and its worked. Wouldnt accept email address using mobile phone.
Thanks all

Do you have a link? I can’t see any vouchers page within their main site.

Not seeing it here in the states.

I found it via instagram. Not exactly easy.

https linkin dot bio slash qobuz
£97.49 / 12 months in the UK


I’m already on a Sublime sub so doubtful it’s something I can take advantage of.

Ignore. I’ve found it. It’s a gift card thing. Also requires 12 months sign up and a lump sum. Different percentages for different plans. Highest is 25%. Meant to be gifted though. Do you get to retain favourites etc?

It’s a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription with different discount rates. Provided as gift card. My subscription was seem less all playlist and favourites still in tact

If you mean retain Qobuz favourites, yes, they integrate with your own library in Sense. Just occurred to me you may be asking as an existing Qobuz customer, if so, good question.

If they’re offering discounts to existing sub owners sign me up!

That is great value when getting hi-res Qobuz for $ 97.49 USD vs their regular price of $129.96 for 12 months. I have purchased the prepaid subscription for the past couple of years and enjoy the service.


Yup, that’s exactly why I’m asking. It’s a decent saving but if I have to rebuild a bunch of playlists and find around 500 albums then, er, no thanks.

Thanks All.

Tried Qobuz about 12 months ago but found it a bit glitchy but better sounding than the first unfold of Tidal. Moved house since (much better broadband) and am awaiting a courier to bring me a Uniti Atom so well supported.

The Gift card option works for me as a new user and after unearthing that link there was no problem with the purchase. Just need to transfer my playlists and favourites over from Tidal before pulling the plug on that.

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I’ll echo the thanks for the tip off. After a little confusion with emails I’m sorted and have moved smoothly from monthly to the gift card option. Shame the Tidal offer was effectively non-existent.

My guess would be it would transfer, I know when I left Tidal they confirmed my playlists/albums would be there on rejoining. Best to check though.

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