Qobuz + Computer + NDX 2

Dear Naim forum users,

I would like to control Qobuz from my computer insted of using it inside the Naim app from my old and laggy Android tablet. I was wondering if this is possible.

Has anybody done that? And does this approach compromise the sound quality?

Thank you very much in advance for any advice.

The latest M1 Macs can run iOS apps, or you can try running an Android emulator on a PC.

You could also cast from the Qobuz app rather than using the Naim app, using Chromecast or AirPlay if your computer supports it.


Thank you for your reply @ChrisSU.

I’ve never used Chromecast in my life to be honest, but I think I made it to work just now.
I set a 15 second buffer not to stress the NDX 2 as said in this old post.

Should I take anything else into account in your opinion?

Strangenly enough Chromecast seem to work on my computer only if JRiver is running at the same time (maybe I’m just lacking some tech knowledge).

Chromecast implementation seems to vary widely, and when I tried it with Qobuz some time ago it was pretty poor to be honest. I thought perhaps they might have improved it over time, but perhaps not?
There’s always Roon. It costs, but it works.

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Roon will do what you want. I’m controlling my ND555, Mu-So and Atom HE from my iMac. I use Tidal but it’s the same thing.


I use Roon to, and find the implementation quite a bit better than the Naim app. It’s not cheap though, but I think worthwhile at this level.

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@ChrisSU I can’t really say, it’s the first time I try it. However it worked for an hour and then it stopped all of a sudden, so I might need to go back to the Naim app. The sound quality seemed identical to me both using the Naim app and Qobuz from my computer (is it only me thinking that?).
I didn’t experience any interruption in music till the very end of my music session. I’ll try again and see how it goes.

@leatherneck @Mike_S I’m sure Roon would be great, but I wanted to avoid using that right now.

I can only agree with that, maybe sooner or later I’ll get that too.

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Another way is to install Bubble UPnP on your network (I have it on my NAS) and use it to render your NDX2 openhome compliant. Once this is done you should be able control your streamer, including Qobuz, using Linn’s Kazoo app which will run on a Mac and (I presume) a PC. I prefer the Naim app, mostly, but it works, at least for me.


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IPad Pro 2020/ Mconnect/ Qobuz / Ndx2.
No need to have a PC or additional computer box to run Bubleupnp.
But Wifi must be strong to stream Qobuz through Mconnect.

My response was after Peakman post. And error typo from me, I should have written Ndx.

I don’t think NDX2 is openhome compatible, the Atom certainly isn’t. Linn Kazoo cannot control Naim streamers directly but it can control openhome compatible streamers. The point of using Bubble UPnP is to render the NDX2 compatible so you can control it with Kazoo, (and several other tablet-based control points foo). This is exactly what I do with the Atom in my office and it works well.


The OPs question was how can he control his streamer from a computer. Using an tablet/iPad is clearly not the advice he is asking for.

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Not as obvious as the thread title and opening line of his OP, no.

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@jmtennapel @frenchrooster I’m pretty sure an iPad works well (surely much better than my tablet), but I wanted to know if it’s possible to use Qobuz from my PC instead of my tablet.

@jmtennapel Right now I prefer not to use a tablet, despite appreciating it.

I’ve used JRiver without faults, so I wonder if I could do the same with Qobuz, that would be very nice.
I’ll try to experiment again tonight, I hope to get a stable connection between Qobuz and my NDX 2. Maybe it’s Chromecast not working as it should, it does show only sometimes in the Qobuz interface.

@PeakMan I think I might have (hopefully) solved the problem: as you mentioned BubbleUPnP, I made up my mind and checked a few options on JRiver. I think it just wasn’t rendering to the NDX 2.

Right now I’m playing Qobuz from my computer withut faults, I hope it’s staying that way. Fingers crossed!

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Kazoo will run on a computer, see earlier post.


After a long session I can say that it worked without faults (there were some occasional drops, but I think it’s Qobuz or Chromecast fault).

Does anybody know if a 15s-20s buffer size on Qobuz still stresses the CPU of the NDX 2?

The NDX2 buffer is 50Mb which means it can store about 3 minutes of more of 16/44.1 material, obviously less if it’s high-res but it was very much designed to cope with the potential increased latency of online streaming so I don’t think this is your problem.

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Thank you @ChrisSU

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