Qobuz Connect soon?

Has anyone heard any rumblings about Qobuz releasing betas of their version of connect?
Dan Mackta, Qobuz Managing Director in the US stated in a interview earlier this year “Qobuz Connect is currently in development and we are expecting to launch it in the first half of 2023”.
Thinking we should hear of beta testing soon if their thinking of releasing it in a couple months


The day I cannot get it on my app I will probably be saying goodbye.

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Qobuz Connect seems to have been round the corner for ages, so I won’t get my hopes up just yet.


I don’t think a Connect app would prevent you from using the Naim app, if you prefer. As I understand it, it would just add functionality (as with Tidal).



Qobuz offering Connect does not mean it will instantly be in the Naim App. Only Naim wil be able to say if it is in the pipeline and for when. But the Qobuz release date for the functionality will most definitely not coincide with when you can use it with your Naim devices.

That would be my expectation as well. Connect is just another way of connecting to the service and to be able to use the native app of the service as well. Reason there is no Spotify integration is that Spotify does not allow access to an API like Tidal and Qobuz does. Naim won’t take away app integration unless the service itself stops with the external API.

Exactly… I made that switch from Tidal to Qobuz and I do miss the more in-depth info you can get while listening, just adds to my listening experience and enjoyment.

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