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So browsing through the Qobuz article about the Munich event I came across this statement:
“…. What’s more, we gave a public demonstration of the future Qobuz Connect functionality for the first time”

Is this something new that we the general public have not heard about, or did I miss something earlier.

As an aside Naim gets a few mentions in the article.

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Qobuz have been making vague promises about Connect for a few years now, without making any commitments on when it might arrive. Perhaps this is a sign of progress?

Any comments or thoughts on how this might impact the Naim app or even if Naim will facilitate any new functionality via Connect.

I would love if this was sign it is moving forward and possibly coming soon as my choices right now are

  1. lossless with Comcast via qobuz app but constant drops and disconnects or music just won’t go to the next track.
  2. Lossless with naim app but loss of functionality and doesn’t help qobuz learn my likes
  3. Airplay via qobuz app works perfectly and gives me more options but at the expense of the very sound quality that drew me to the service :joy:

Naim have successfully implemented Spotify and Tidal Connect, so I can’t see any reason why it would be a problem to do the same with Qobuz.

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Suppose I’m just looking to ease my life a little. My only music streaming service is Qobuz so anything that would improve/ease its use would be good. Naim app currently gives me enough control but maybe it could be improved.

I tend to flip between the Qobuz app and the apps for controlling my streamers. I find the Qobuz app better for searching, getting info about the music and managing favourites. But once an album is favourited I move to the control app to play it. It’s a bit of a faff though and a Connect option should make the process a good deal smoother.



What is Qobuz Connect?

I use Qobuz with Chord Poly and Chord 2Go. I can relate to some of the hassles described by others.

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Would perhaps revitalise our interest in Qobuz.

The Tidal Connect feature is the main reason we chose Tidal. Integration with naim streamers is seamless and we hardly ever need to use the naim app (we do use the naim iPad widget extensively for volume control).

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Thanks. That’s interesting. Any idea if this would work with existing streamers like Chord 2Go or would it require a new generation of hardware?

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Tidal Connect is just a set of software libraries, which vendors incorporate into their firmware. Devices must have a valid security certificate to appear as a Tidal Connect target in the app. Vendors get access to this by partnering with Tidal.

Qobuz Connect would likely be the same. Because comms to the streamer is over network no new hardware would be required.

Should Qobuz Connect materialise, I’d expect naim and other vendors to activate via firmware updates.


It would be up to Chord to decide whether they wanted to support Qobuz Connect. It would require a streamer firmware upgrade.


This might be a dumb question, but can a 2Go or Poly be used with Spotify Connect?

2Go website says Spotify is a future option.

Google “chord 2go spotify connect”

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