Qobuz Connect?

At Qobuz Club an admin posted a preview of Qobuz Connect. She also encouraged the Club members to reach out to their favorite manufacturers to make them adopt the feature… Maybe Naim is already working on this, but if not then there is a kind invitation to reach out to Qobuz. Would love to see that, as I am not very fond of the UI and integration of Qobuz in the Focal/Naim App.


I don’t think you’ll see it here anytime soon, Naim hasn’t updated our firmware to allow Tidal hi-res to work with our streamers and they’ve had the necessary info from Tidal since the 1st of the year :disappointed:.

Agree 100%. The Qobuz UI and integration in the native Focal/Naim app leaves a lot to be desired. A shame really as Qobuz native app is a great alternative to Tidal hires library.


Maybe they’ll have a better use case now for a firmware update, with a needed update for Tidal as well as Qobuz.


Hello, I hope naim would be able to add it.


The signs are not looking good lol.